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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Yom Tov

Hi everyone,
we've had a nice yom tov, despite all the snow and rain that fell. Our sedorim were a lot of fun, good divrei Torah, good songs from the little Zacks'. We missed the rest of you, though. As Yaakov posted we had good food, thats true. Tonight we had homemade cheese blintzes, talapia fish, and matza pizza along with salad of course.
Shauli and Nat left tonight to go back to Pittsburgh:( makes us a little sad) Yonah started crawling on all fours today, so thats a new level, and ChanaElana is just cute. She sits and plays with stuff in her area.
Yaakov and Devorah are leaving tomorrow, and that will also be sad, we'll miss them.
But, we have Arye and Aviva back for the last days. :) makes us happy!!
Daddy and Daniel made a siyum today on Mishnaot Be'ah (really Betzah) and started the next one on their list.
Love you all and hope you're having a safe and fun Moed


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