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Monday, February 06, 2006

Goodbye, My Friend

For my birthday, Shany got me an MP3 disk on key. We were inseperable, my disk on key on I, as we travelled back and forth from Bar Ilan together. Lighter than a Diskman, with more song capacity, I quickly fell in love. I wore her around my neck, and she would lay next to my heart, ready to sing whenever I needed. When there were documents to be copied, it was her I would stick into the computer. Her, and her alone, that would carry all my information for me. Indeed, in times of stress, and times of joy, I knew disk on key would be there. But slowly, slowly, I felt it happening. Every time I would use her to save a file, she would become a little more attached to the computer, a little less attached to me. She started breaking at the seams. I felt her internal pain, her indecisiveness, as she became more and more detached from me. And then, 28 days after our first meeting, 28 days after I fell in love, it happened. She was in the computer for a long time, as I worked on a file. When I tried to retrieve her, she refused, preferring the warmth of the computer, to the warmth of my heart. I pulled again, refusing to give up on her, refusing to let her go. She realized she would never have control to choose, would always be under my control, and she hated me for it. In a last act of revenge, she came apart in my hand, preferring destruction to a lifetime of servititude. As I looked in my hand, I knew it was over, as I held her body, but her head was still in the USB port.
We went back to where she came from, to that store on Kanfei, LaserLine. Too choked up to speak, Shany explained to them what happened, and asked for them to heal her. To our surprise, we were treated very rudely, and told we would have to pay almost the full price to have her repaired. We showed them our warranty, signed only 28 days before, and good for a year, but they did not budge. Accusing us of breaking her, they refused to listen to our complaint that she was improperly made. Her whole being was there to be inserted, and removed, from computers. If she breaks while doing that, then there is a manufacturers problem, and she should be fixed and returned to us immediately. They were even rude enough to tell us they did not want us as customers, if we think they should fix her for free. Refusing to give into their demands, we left with our broken friend, dooming her to a lifetime of pain, unless we can find another place to have her healed. When we returned to our home, we were broken on the inside. Shany felt I should have spoken up in disk on key's defense, maybe there was something I could have said to have swayed their hardened hearts. I did not agree. We are now at a loss as to what options are available to us. What would you do, if your friend, your music mate, your information holder, was hurting, and the store wouldnt help her for free?


  • Can you contact the manufacturer?
    I am, of course, appaled at the lack of customer service in that store! Horrified, if you will. :) If I had sold you a disc on key that was defective, I would have certainly replaced it (if unable to repair it). However, you did not purchase her at my place of business so therefore I cannot help you. However, the next step I would recommend is contact the manufacturer and see what they suggest. Good luck!

    By Blogger DonutsMom, at 6:41 PM  

  • love the post dav!
    i say get the old AK-47 out and shoot up the place,
    or call the manufacturer and forget about the store that you bought it in. i just returned a shirt to Edie bauer that i got as a gift over a year ago and now i have a new shirt and a letter to eddie buer appaled that i only got back 19.95 and had to pay the other amount of the new shirt. I WILL PREVAIL. and you can too.

    By Blogger docyaak, at 8:39 PM  

  • Find a new love!

    By Blogger Rolling hills of green, at 3:27 AM  

  • theres the main problem everyone. the store manufactured her! They have some tech guy who knows whats in a disk on key, and he just puts them together, really poorly, and then sells them for regular disk on key price.
    Jake, thats why you're not making aliyah. If you tried to return a shirt here when you're still in the store you bought it from, they wouldnt let you return it!
    Imay have to find a new love, but right now my friend is taking a look at her and seeing what he can do. Here's to praying he saves my baby...

    By Blogger stillruleall, at 5:42 PM  

  • i feel your pain brother...i feel your pain. if my mp3 player broke...i dont know how id go on. i have one question for you. have you considered therapy?

    By Blogger da shevster, at 10:36 PM  

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