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Thursday, April 28, 2005

The end

Yesterday (wednesday) was a crazy stressful day. without getting into to much dull details we had to prove to the car towers that we were responsible for the car, and couldnt really do it. So instead of leaviung Detroit in the early afternnon we left at around 8:30 and got into Pittsburgh at around 1:30 am. First thing this morning we went to the car lot hopeful that they got the info they needed from the Brea's in Detroit. When we got there the Boss wasnt in, but his second in command told me that he just got off teh phone with Mr. Brea and he was ending teh info needed later today or tommrow. and he couldnt release the car to uswith out Mac(the boss) there. He did allow us to go to the car amd see what condition it was in, and we were thrilled to see that everything was there. After checking it out Mac showed up, and we showed him that we had a copy of the deed an dinsurance info, and he gave us the car. said e'd feel bad if we drove all teh way from Michigan and left empty handed. So we have teh car back, and life is good again. ...and now you know the rrrrrrest of the story


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