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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Will someone please give Mom a hug? Bring tissues.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


WHAT TO DO ? you can take the boy out of bahston... i think i'll have to change my name we are leaving tomorrow afternoon after the movers come in the morning. of course it started raining today AGAIN and it probably wont stop for a week. so we have our kids stuck in the house wiht NOTHING to do. so i think we'll drive out to the mall today and let them bother total strangers. i am closing and pacvking up the computer so this may be the last posting EVER from BOSTONZACKS

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Work and travel

In our attempt to have kids all over the country seeing ads in their buses, I am on a three day two state trip. Yesterday Gershon and I went to Phoenix where we met with a couple of districts, that really liked what we have to offer. We didn't do much sightseeing, we tried to not leave the car - the temps hit triple digits BY 9:00 AM!! I think it topped off at 111. We didn't have a chance to see Aunt Barbra, although I did speak with her.

After our meetings, and grabbing deli sandwiches for teh road we headed through the dessert to Tucson, about a 2 hour drive. After about an hour we started seeing dust rising off teh ground, or perhaps falling for from the sky, then everything go t dark, and we saw cool lighting . Then it started to pour. I was afraid with teh dust flying high and the rain coming down, we would have a mud storm, but that didnt happen.

Later today we have a big meeting with the Tucson School District, then it's back to Phoenix Airport and off to Los Angeles. for some meetings with two more districts. And a red eye flight back to home tomorrow night should finish off a most exhausting first business trip.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Thursday July 6!

I can't wait for July 6th. It's going to be such a momentuous day. It's the day I've decided to take off of work. It'll be my first nice long weekend since starting to work. i wonder what i'll do to celebrate... Hmmm. You're all invited to join in my celebrating my day off of work. Lets party in.... Lod. (Hey, I thought I'd do something different)
And that'll give us a chance to welcome the newest Israeli Zacks' :)
Welcome to the party guys!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

happy anniversary R&V

Sorry I didn't have a chance to call yesterday.
Hope you enjoy many more years together.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I PASSED PART III !!!!!!!!!!!!

everyone says oh we all knew you'd pass but i wasnt so sure myself and when i saw that i passed it may me very happy. all are invited to our celebratory outing to COLD STONE CREAMERY tonite with me and devorah. (sorry israelis that you wont see this till tomorrow but that s what happens when you live a million miles away!!)
a lot has been going on here these last few weeks such as packing and looking for boxes and looking for more boxes and then packing some more. we have decided to go with a moving company ISAACS MOVING, and we hopefully not only not be dissapointed but be happy with them. unfortunately for my children, the more boxes i find the less playing and walking and moving area they have. i guess its like the story of the guy who complained his house was too small so the rav told him to fill it with animals and at the end when he took out the animals there was a lot of space.
yesterdayt i went on a class trip with th 8th grade, i was the driver (15 seater van) and we went to HOWE CAVERNS, and miniature golf( i won my group, yes i beat a bunch of 8th graders, but i'm darn proud of it) and then we hiked in a state forest and got all bitten up, played with frogs and had a BBQ. we got back home around 11:00pm
well back to more packing .....

Donuts really = Jonah?!?

I never really understood how Jonah would be donuts. I was talking to chanalalananalana today {yes Jonah, Chananalaanalanala talks me...and sings me the ABCD's}, and I asked her who lives in Detroit. She said Bubby, Zaidy, Jonah & Baki. Of course my phone was on speaker - b/c everyone needed to hear her sing the ABCD's. My office wanted to know where she lived that donuts were only in Detroit. no seriously, they all heard Donuts.

Mr. Smarty-Pants

Whenever Jonah is eating something, he tends to shove a bunch in his mouth at one time. Like grape-halves or tomato-halves or blueberrys which is a definite choking hazard. So we always tell him to eat them "One at a time". I wasn't quite sure that he knew what this meant until last night.
We were eating pasta and Jonah was watching me very carefully as I put the pasta on my fork and into my mouth. I took a couple bites with him watching me and then he says, "One a time, Mommy. One a time."
I laughed so hard that I almost choked!!!!!
I guess he is getting the message.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Shabbat (Almost ExBoston - that's Shabbos is hebrew) was really nice, and really relaxing, and really unconnected to the previous week. I ate out by friends, slept ALOT, and went to a party Sat night. Of course I came home at 1:30 to find the front door double locked...with me on the outside, but my roommate graciously opened it when I called her and told her I was on the other side.

Friday, June 09, 2006

The Good Week

I'll go backwards because that's the sorta mood i'm in right now. My apartment is a wreck. My room is filled with all the clothes and things I would usually keep in my closet. The cop has left and it is now ok for me to start cleaning up, but I'm just at a loss with no real desire to clean up my room. The cops were called by my roommate who came home from work to find the door to our apartment open and things were, shall we say, out of place. The living room was just lightly gone through, the kitchen it does not seem was touched, and our bedrooms were trashed. They didn't want electronics, they didn't want jewelry, they were after cash. They every container we had trying to find some. They empited our closets, and went through our socks, and left our rooms the messiest we've ever seen them. So, I guess you could say I was almost robbed. Which goes along with the almost being fired the day before. I got to work a little late (which seems to be par for course in my office..not that I'm late, but that most people are late...I'm generally quite on time, and even got a key to the office because I unlock it most mornings... So, today, I'm riding the bus to work for the 3rd time since I've started working there, as I lost the ride I had when i started working there, and the car i've used for the past 3 weeks...and i get to work late...9:30. my luck, my boss is there...she usually doensn't come in until around 10-10:30...she calls me into her office and asks me in a pretty agressive manor..."do you like being here?" and then proceeded to treat me as a child as she spent 20 mintues yelling at me, and telling me my faults in the office (like i'm not a team player, i don't take critisism well, i am antagonistic, and ummm just in general people find it hard to work with me)(now she can't be talking about the girls i share an office with, who we hang out together and complain about our work, our boss, and our evil she must be talking about the evil co-workers who are there to make our lives horrible) and if i want to keep my job, i had better start improving things..ASAP. B/c she will let me go. And while that made me feel like a HS kid who was called into the principal's office, it wasn't quite as bad as what she did a few hours later, walking into the main office and yelling at me for not doing something she thought I should've done (that i obviously felt I shouldn't've done, and I started to explain why, which she didn't take very well...) But I wasn't fired. And I wasn't robbed. So i guess, it's been a good week?

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Saturday, June 03, 2006

He's done!!

Happy Graduation Day Jake