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Monday, February 28, 2005

devorah IN CHARGE

so here's the situation. the school we send our kids to has 2 parking spots in front of it. Devorah went to drive carpool this morning as she does everyday and she always parks on a side street and takes the kids into school. (except sometimes she parks illegally and then gets a ticket, so she stopped doing that) so she parks in front of a house where this lady is always watching her or walking outside because she hates for people to park there. so today the lady of the house came out and told devo not to park there and devo said its a legal spot there's no problem parking there. so the lady starting ranting that its garbage day and the car might block her garbage and WHAT NOT. so devorah said as long as it's a legal spot there's nothing that the lady can do. so the lady kept ranting that its unsafe to park there because then the kids have to cross a street to get to school and devo said "UH YAH thats why i walk them into school, DUH" so this made the lady's anger burn inside of her. and she said well you tell those people at school that i don't approve and you should move your car so devorah said i will park here as long as it is a legal spot and there aint nothing you can do about it. and then she walked away! I am so proud of my devorah, i just wanted to share this with everyone. you might be wondering why she isnt telling over this story, well frankly she wanted me to get the typing experience, and she's very busy with kids and stuff.

Back to School, to Show Daddy I'm no Fool

As many of you know, The Shany and Davids are now proud owners of an internet phone with a 248 number. The only ones who may not now are the Arye and Avivas cuz you guys never answer the phone and Batsheva cuz you are in school or what not. yes, i said what not. i stand behind Yaakov and I will say what not when i want. anway, the coolest part about the phone is the voicemail and caller ID. we can go online and see who called us and even listen to our voicemail on the internet. The other problem is then it saves the voicemail with all my music and I have to find it and delete it. Everyone is invited to call and if we're not there, leave messages!! 248-246-1828. I'm happy to see the sister in laws are starting to blog too....
I feel that I need a job. Then I'll have things to talk about. I dont like school. kinda like Batsheva. and kinda like Batsheva, i go to an all girls school. I totally agree with the post by Shauli, that before your married you only want to hang out when there are girls, after, only when guys are around. i went to my Hebrew class today (level 6-highest level!) and there are 15 girls and one other guy. and hes swedish or swiss or something european. so i cant talk to him. The good part is that the girls dont complain when I copy the work from them. even the teacher is a woman. its very unnerving.
has anyone read the da vinci code? My Shany is reading it. it says at the beginning that its strictly factual. then it says that part of the service in the Bet HaMikdash was sexual relations. So either i was given only half the facts in school (very probable) or the book is not so factual. any thoughts? thats it for now. Wishing everyone Peace from Jerusalem.

Baby Milestones

Ok, ok, I suppose it's my turn to write. First of all, kudos to Yaakov for complaining about not having a Family Blog and double kudos to Sarra for actually creating one. Now I can be in The Loop without feeling like I am spending way too much time that I don't have on the computer. Um, so what to write about? I suppose the most pressing issue in my life right now is those two awful little white bumps appearing in my son's mouth. That is, his bottom teeth.
For the past two months, most of the people I speak to who try to make "Mommy" conversation ask "So, is he getting teeth yet?" And me, being the naive parent that I very much am, always answer, "Well, we don't see them yet but they must be coming because he drools alot and chews on EVERYTHING!" And every day I waited for the appearance of those teeth. I was soo excited! Silly, silly me. I kind of wish they would go back in.
Jonah was JUST starting to sleep through the night for the most part and kind of on some sort of a schedule and then BAM -here come the teeth and it's all thrown out of wack! All our hard work for nothing?
Now I find myself dreaming of the days when he would wake up in the middle of the night and need his pacifier to be put back into his mouth or even need to have a midnight (or 2,3, or 4am snack). Because now he wakes up in the middle of the night many times SCREAMING like he is reliving his bris!! Youch! Anyway, it's not fun. So I turn to you seasoned parents and say...................HELP!!! Any tips, suggestions, words of love and wisdom?
Um, so that's my life right now. Oh yah, and we are going to Pittsburgh on Tuesday which should be a nice little vacation type thing. I hope to spend some time with my cousin Tammy who just moved there from Santa Cruz. I bet she's just loving the weather! She has a baby a month older than Jonah (also named David after my dad but they actually call him Dovid). And I'm going to see the Hillel production of Newsies which should be interesting (they switched it around so the main guy is the Jewish kid - played by Talya Seidman). And most importantly, hopefully Shauli will get a job. I mean I guess he has the job but let's hope it becomes official............. but that's for him to write about in his blog.
So, that's my post for today. And to all a good night...............
Love ya, Nat

Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Galilee

Let me tell you about Paradise.
The fresh mountain air which we breathe.
The holy ground upon which we walk.
The Torah that we learn.
The sound of children playing in the park, carefree and fun-loving.

Can you say Galilee.

Not all the galilee is as edenlike, there are bad places in here too. They hide that ugliness with the prefix israeli, but we know thaey are there and we know who they are. Just a sabach elchir here and there and next thing you know its Kahaweh Moosh Taiyeb.

But enough of that.

I took the train home today to help my wife survive so I got home half an hour early. She thinks that I only care about her survival for selfish reasons. She's right.

Yehuda learned about Amalek in school the other day. He told me they were bad. The bad thing they did was they took the jews hair. And that's a bad thing to do. So hashem wants him to kill them when he is a soldier.

It's amazing what they pick up in gan.

Her Time

Unlike most published comments made by me, this one is actually written by me.

Hey there, all Zacks' in Cyberspace! I'm Aviva, have been a Zacks for almost ten years now, and am delighted to be in the Loop! I must apologize for not really being in touch with any of our foreign correspondents, but that doesn't mean anything's going to change. So if you want to be in touch with me the number is (248)967-1733, or text at (248)613-2822. Sorry, it's just how it is.

Teaching is going well, although I'm afraid I have made a few enemies in the parent body this week. You see, some parents do not feel their children should be held accountable for um....anything. And when my students treated a substitute teacher with so much disrepect and disregard for her feelings, some parents feel that the consequences were "excessive." I took away recess (10 minutes), during which time they were writing out the entire Perek we were learning (with T'nuot), and for homework, had them each sign a Teshuva form and write an essay on How to Treat a Teacher. Of course, the principal fully backed me. But on the form that was to be signed by parents and returned to me the following day by the students, some parents had written that it is NEVER OK to take away a child's recess and that the consequences were excessive. My question is, Why isn't it NEVER OK to treat a teacher with disrespect? Don't they realize that their children took their recess at Library that day when they were running around and acting wild for 40 minutes?

People, these children are our future leaders, and look who their parents are. Scary, ain't it?

Anyway, college is on Spring Break this week. Anybody want to fly down to Cancun with me?

Signing off.

who knew

wow i can't believe this day has come. my plans, my dreams all coming to fruition. I AM A BLOGGER NOW. so this morning is the mother daughter brunch at Torah Academy, so you must be thinking (as I was) this will be a nice morningfor the men of the house, as there is one mother and 3 daughters, the men of the house will be spending time on the couch relaxing. little did I know that apparently not all daughters are equal. some daughters are in the 'mother and daughter brunch' category while others are in the 'stay at home with your dad and pretend you are having brunch with him as if you have a clue what brunch is all about anyway' category. well shira and chanalana are in the latter category while yael got to go with mom.
anyway, we had a lovely shabbos guest this shabbos, Dena Pichette, who was checking out BC (boston College) for a PhD in Chemistry. so we also had over for dinner our chemist friend who really grew up on a sheep farm in albany, Ben and his wife Lisa. they talked chemistry and what not and all had a grand ol time , and then for lunch we had over Katzir who is PhD'ing at MIT in neuroscience and linguistics. so they shmuezzed about grad school and what not.
so there you have it. my blog


Golda told me I can't write that.
But I must say that sleepingineatingwithfriends sounds quite the interesting shabbos.

We were wondering what eating was and why you would sleep there with friends and what more could there be.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Walking on Graves

We had a wonderful Shabbat. We ate at friends, and after lunch we went to the Kotel. We ended up staying for Seuda shlishit at a friends house in the old city (he wasnt there but his parents invited us to stay anyway). i walked in and realized this was moms dream house in the old city. to bad its already taken. This week I will Bezrat HaShem make aliyah. My Shany and I are both busy with school. Also this week is the Sium HaShas. I'm very excited about that too. Thats all the news from the David and Shany

Friday, February 25, 2005

Saving Boston

I was debating what to call the blog. "The Loop" seemed the most obvious, but I truly debated calling it Saving Boston. I'm hoping this blog will outlast the "Stuck In Boston"'s boston stay. So here it is, the Zacks family blog spot. Feel free to post anything here you want everyone to know. Not that this should, or will, take over everyone's personal blogs, but this is more like Zacks family news, like Naomi's tooth is loose. Maybe Sim'll have more to say here then simply "blah". I've sent out invitations to everyone 'cept dad and arye cuz I don;t have their e-mails. Any questions or comments let me know! Shabbat Shalom...
I'm home for Shabbos, sleeping in eating with friends, or maybe more? I'll let you know after Shabbos...See 'ya!