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Sunday, April 30, 2006

What's Exciting To You?!

To me it's become a bit strange. I am very excited from my Friday accomplishment. See, I have had obstacle after obstacle in my way, and last Friday I overcame them all. I managed (all by myself) to order a credit card and checkbooks from my bank. Doesn't sound like such a feat...I know, you don't have to be proud of me...but then you proabably don't know all the hoops I had to jump through over and over again to complete this accomplishment. Next on my agenda of crazy things I want to do, is to get a doctor to sign a paper that says I'm proabably healthy enough to drive a car. Again, doesn't sound like much to you...but trust me, it's just not as easy as it sounds. Also on said list is to cash an Israeli bond, sounds easy enough...after all, i'm in Israel...but do not be fooled by the ease of it's sound...I've tried, oh how I've tried. Of course now that the dollar is falling to the shekel...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

My oldest is older.

And I'm not sure I am ready for it.
She's been saying she is eight for a long time already, so it really isn't much of a transition.
We are doing a seuda shlelit party for her, hoping that not all of the thirty girls in her class will come. Those girls that live far away are the girls who are genrally mean to her, so I think this works out nicely. But am I ready for a big girl, I already can't take the love hate relationships of her friends. does this go on forever.
But on the plus side she's very artistic and creative and an avid reader and has a couple of good friends. I hope we are doing this all the right way and she learns all the right values.
She was my first little baby, whom I sat on the floor and played with all day, she got more of my attention than anyone else, and still demands alot of it. Happy birthday baby, I love you.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Shany song.

Happy Birthday to Shany.
Happy Birthday to you.
You look so smiley and happy,
even though I can't see you.

have a wonderful Birthday.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

pesach pics

Out of the blue

Sunday was the start of back to regular life. The kids went to school and chug and it was a regular day, until dinner time. The kids were at the table eating dinner and I was about to wash the dishes when there was a knock at the door. I opened the door and an old friend of mine who I grew up with was standing there, with her husband and kid. His aunt and uncle live around the corner and of course they knew where the zacks' live. So she came in and we shmozed awhile and she stopped in last night for a min. visit and hopefully she's gonna come by to say goodbye today. I was in school with throughout elementery and highschool and it was so nice to see her and a big surprise, so that was fun.
In other news its been raining here for the last two days and we already stopped with those tefillot, but at least the garden is getting watered.
Hope evryone is enjoying getting back to life, although here now there are so many little things going on that the kids are really looking forward to. We have Mangal holiday(bbq), medura holiday, all night holiday and then summer holiday, so much fun.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Pretty cool

Nat was cleaning out the basement and going through some stuff when she came across a bunch of stuff from her dad. She found a magazine from Milwaukee that listed the most interesting people in the city, and he was one of them, although I forgot what number he was.

Turns out he was a big wine connoisseur, he even created a wine tasting game, which was also in the basement, called "Le Wine Game." I was sitting by teh computer, so out of curiosity I checked EBay to see if anyone was selling the game, and much to mine and Nat's amazement there is a copy of teh game on EBay.

dear israeli zacks,

here is the letter we sent out to our american family and friends that was not sent to y'all in the holy land.

Nissan, 5766
April, 2006

Dear Sim n Golda, Sarra, and David & Shany,

With a great sense of humility, we have agreed to receive the very prestigious honor bestowed upon us by Congregation Chai Odom. It is a unique privilege to share this honor with Neal and Susan Shanske whom we admire tremendously and appreciate as dear friends.

Our shul, Congregation Chai Odom, is recognized as the oldest continuously Orthodox shul in the Boston area. From its roots in Dorchester, to its current home in Brighton, our mikdash me’at serves as a second home for our community. Rabbi and Rebbetzin Dovid Moskovitz along with Rabbi and Rebbetzin Shmuel Ochs inspire us with Torah and Mussar to constantly improve and grow spiritually.

On a personal level, we cannot imagine our lives in Boston without Chai Odom. The welcome that we received from the Rabbi, Rebbetzin and many congregants when we first moved here made us feel like part of the community immediately. Now, four years later, we look back with gratitude, at the friends we have made, and the relationships we have developed with our shul and neighborhood.

While we share a great sense of pride in the accomplishments of Congregation Chai Odom over the past one hundred and four years, we must look forward to the future and set our sights upon continuing and expanding the legacy that we have become a part of. Although we will be moving from Boston, our shul will always be in our hearts. As you know, we have been living here on a tight student budget. We were never approached to pay more than we could, and were always welcome at events for “whatever you can afford”. We have been unable to fully show our appreciation to our shul as we would have liked. At this time we are asking for you to help support the shul that has been “our home” for the last four years. We hope that with your help our shul can continue to do chesed with all of the congregants and their families.

We hope that you can join us at the Anniversary Banquet 104 for Congregation Chai Odom on May 21, 2006, and help Chai Odom continue to be an integral part of the Boston Jewish community.

Thank you,

Yaakov and Devorah Zacks

1800 miles

in my car with my kids and no huge fights or meltdowns!!!!
as is the custom, i received 1 parking ticket in NYC. for absolutely no reason. a letter has been written and pictures have been tken. and i will send it out soon. hoping for a good response.

yael wanted to know why everyone had to talk so much at the seder before we ate, so its not just saba its a family thing.

chanalana went to the doc today she has lots of wax in her ears and an ear infection with a really bad cough.

Shira is just shira. slept 12 hours last night didnt want to get out of pj's till about 10:30am.

....and the first mobil station on I-80 East is exit 192 just about 50 miles after you NEED to fill up your car. keep in mind it may come in handy one day.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


well, the first two sedarim are gone for another year but as it was pointed out today next year chol hamoed pesach is within one english calendar year of today so if you buy a year membership its good through next pesach too. our kids havent gone to sleep at a decent time since wednesday night and it showed. so tonight our kids went to bed the earliest they have and it only 9:00pm. tomorrow we are off to NY for the last days of yom tov. hopefully we'll go to the Kollel amusement park thing tomorrow on the way to NY. but we'll see how everyone behaves and whjat time we actually get out of here. well, to all the israelis, cuz all the others were just here, hope you have a great chol hamoed and a wonderful acharon shel pesach.
yael wanted to know how come only zayde gave out afikomen presents. or why everyone went to zayde with an afikomen even when it wasnt his. well they both have the same answer.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Chag Samach

Chag Samach to everyone

Sunday, April 09, 2006


ok so i know that by putting this on the loop im sort of making it an official question and i dunno if i wanna do that, but i really want ur guyzes opinions. so i was thinking of going to silver spring next year. mom and dad peoples said if i wanna go, i can. ive heard a lot of differant things about the school, and i talked to osmeone who went there and she said she thinks it would be really great for me. im thinking of going for an interview. im scared to leave detroit though. im having enough issues just switching my room! imagine switchings schools, cities, people...making new friends...and leaving my old ones. and of course, who would babysit jonah?!? anywho, just tell me what u think. i need input here!!! love ya guys, always n 4eva

btw happy pesach i gtg help mom

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Veev..this is for you

I drive to the doctors, knowing that I am going to get a shot. Yet, I still drive there, and park the car. Entering the waiting area, I take a number. 83. The nurse calls out 72 and I know I have some breathing time. As the numbers creep up and up I start to tense a bit. (Ok, Mom and's more then a bit...). There are tears running down my face as I hear my number being called. The actual shot? takes about 15 seconds, I don't feel a thing, and I know I'm now safe from the evils of rusting metal... It's just that wait... Hang in there... you'll be here soon... :) (and protected from that all the rusting metal of the States)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

PETS? I dont think so

in respnse to donuts mom blog about our apparent dislike for animals, here may be a few reasons:
in the house i grew up in we had rabbits every once in a while but just for a night, they apparently needed eye surgery and then were sent to play in rabbit heaven
we had a cat for half a week
we had a turtle in the basement for a while
we had some orphaned baby rabbits that didnt last long,
but the longest safest most funest pet we ever had was our fish, which sadly all died. (the filter stopped working on pesach 3 years ago ) and it just hasnt been the same since

Monday, April 03, 2006


i took BOARDS PART III yesterday and today. now ,b'ezras hashem, i am done with national boards testing! WOOHOO!!!! and all thats left is graduating, and a shul dinner

What Do I Do?!

Ok, i'll break it down for you. I do marketing for the recruiting department in a 900+ employee company. What does that mean? That means I research population pockets. I work on ads for newspapers. I help plan and run open house recruitment events. I research new places to advertise and find new population pockets. I place ads all of the internet. I take care of the department's budget. I keep the intranet up to date with our latest job openings... and the rest of the time I play spider solitaire.

It All Happening....

Our house is up for sale. Big "for sale by owner" sign on the front lawn. Makes me think we should start packing.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Better late than never.

Yaakov, you didn't get an official zacksloop happy birthday so here it is.
This is a great year for you
All your years in school
are almost over
and you are moving too!

But we did call you on your birthday, so we are still in the good book!!