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Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Beach

In all my years living in Detroit, I never knew there was a beach close by. That is until today. We had no plans, so i was going to try my at some yardwork. Anyway, the Mendelsohn, our next door neighbors, asked us if we wanted to go the beach with them. Well it sure beat doing yardwork, so we went with them. I dont know if its a new beach, it's called metropark beach I think, (take 94 to metro parkway, and metro parkway till you get there ) or I just hav never been there, but it was a nice place. We didnt hang out on the sand , who needs sand all over them, and we didnt go in the water, cuz it's gross. But we had fun anyways , the kids played, Jonah said the word "Ball" which we believe to be his first word. they had other fun stuff to do for kids. Its a great place...If only I disocvered it earlier

for all who care (and those in Israel)

today we went to New Haven CT because devorah had a dream. you know one of those I had a dream we have to go visit my grandparents type of dream so we left this morning at 9:40am and arrived at 11:30. thats really good timing for those of you keeping track. and we had pizza and what not with boobie and zaide and grandma was there too! added bonus! then evie and jay came to see us. and then we went to the beach. there was a water park area with lots of sprinklers and water shooters and sprays and stuff and we had fun but it was cold and windy so we didnt stay very long in the water and then there was a great park on sand! so that was fun and then it was time to go and we didnt even go to the beach part of the beach. although we did see what seemed to be some beached whales. people who are fat should really cover up thats all i have to say about that. but i digress... then we went to the carousal where it was 50 cents a ride, in central park its 1.50 a ride. and then we went home. we got home about 7:30pm and fed,bathed and oputthe kids to sleep in a half hour.
so that was our day,
on the chanalana front... she can stand up by herself for a good 2-3 seconds. she says things like hi, uh-oh, good girl, how come?, ow, and superecalifragelisticexpealodocious. shes amazaing i tell you.
well its time to go to sleep, i think im gonna give devorah some "no dreams" drug and hopefully we wont have to go back to New Haven until the next simcha.


hey!! i havent posted in forever...israel is awesome, camp was awesome, sim's a jerk, and thanx sar 4 lettin me sleep in ur apartment. umm...that pretty much covers it camp was rly great, i had an awesome awesome awesome time...the only problem was that they all spoke english, so my hebrew skills are still nonexistant. chaval....anyhows, this apartment cardo is right around the corner, how bad could it be? got 2 hang out w/ sim and golda and kids...SO cute....theyre all getting so big!!! (not sim and golda- the kids)...naomis going in2 second grade! i remember second grade....actually, no i dont. either way....i miss all you people that r left in detroit...aight, im gonna go- love ya gusy!!!!
peace lyisrael

Thursday, July 28, 2005

In The Know

Just in case ya'll were wondering, this past week was great. Got to chill with the parent people, Baki (Shev), The Sim & Golda's and the kids... there was non family time too, but not as exciting. The kids have done more art projects then they've ever done in their lives, eaten more junk food, and fast food they they ever thought possible, and haven't slept so little since they started sleeping through the night. All in all, they can't remember all the fun the having! Sim & Golda's car sits 23 comfortably, and we're only 10, so that works, we mostly all get seats :) The apartment has two bedrooms, plenty of room for everyone who wants to crash, and the table of course seats infinitely more people then you can imagine. It's the old city, where magic is a way of life... As for Shabbos, David and Shany aren't joining us, but the rest of us are together Friday night, actually having 3 girls for company and then shabbos day mom and dad are heading out to the Posy's, but we're staying in and have invited their daughter - nava - to join us. All in all, it's been going wonderfully... next time all ya'll should come and i'll find more bedrooms!


hey guys sup? I just came back from the gym and i ate two slices of pizza/ can't believe i did that/ Anyways they gym was interesting, you see these old ladies there that just feel like sharing the glory g-od gave them with everyone. (Nudity in the locker room).... I am a very open person as you all know, but that is just ....
Anyways it's a thursday night and we are at home, what happened to the party animal i used to be? now getting pizza across the street seems like a going out!!! k, so i finished my first set of tests ' i think i'm only retaking one specific test. I failed cuz i just didn't feel like writing, don't you hate when that happens. I saw it and it seemed like the highes i could get was a 70 so i just didn't do it. does anyone care??? I didin't think so/ but believe me i'm not that type of students that get an 85 and retake it. (ok David is gonna kill me cuz i just got 85 in "Isreal's economy" a part of the accounting major, and I am thinking of retaking it... I feel bad cuz he failed everything, so ican't rub it in his face oh 85 such a bad grade/ wa wa wa
have a terrific summer love ya and miss you all.

Who needs a title?

The landlord of our apartment asked us about a week ago if we plan on signing on another year. We told him no. Among the reasons was the construction thats been going on since before Pesach, which has now expanded to include the apartment up one floor and across, the apartment across the parking lot, and the apartment building they are building down the street. Also we mentioned in passing we didnt like that he gave us a broken oven. Today he called and told us he found us another oven, one of the neighbors just got a new oven and offered him their old one. So I went over today, and we brought it down two flights, and up the next building two flights. Then he asked if we plan on staying longer. As much as I appreciated the gesture, I still told him we arent staying here. But it was a good workout carrying the oven. In other unrelated news, I'm in summer school now, and I have a test next Thursday. Shabbat Shalom to all.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

To the Israelli Zacks

I was wondering if one of you can get one of those banners that people hang on their balcony, like Ha'am Im Gush Katif or something like that. and if at all possible send it home with Mom and Dad.

saddest part of my day

when my kids wake up in the morning and they say" are you gonna come home tonight for dinner?"
sometimes 12 hour days aren't that much fun either

Monday, July 25, 2005

From WWJ

I am now listening only to talk-radio which I hate, by the way, but it's the three weeks, so you know why. Anyway, I heard a commentator describe the personality of one of the individuals who bombed London. It went something like this:

The leader held meetings and events in mosques and community centers to bring youth back to religion. He was outgoing, friendly, and the parents really liked him. He was very serious about using entertaining means with which to reach out to the kids. He would take groups of teenagers to retreats and fun activities such as white-water rafting in order to form a bond with them. The reason he was doing this was to get the kids to trust him.

One of those kids strapped a plastic explosive to his body 2 weeks ago, as were the orders of his leader.

And we thought NCSY was brainwashing.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

picture is a hoax

i knew it couldnt be true. and now i have my proof , i have from a very reliable source that soldiers are not allowed under any circumstances to puit down their guns, especially if they are on active duty watching over protests and such, so how are all those soldiers davening without their guns ?????????

"This car has been reported stolen"

The drive back to Detroit (final trip) wasn't without excitement.

Nat and I drove separate cars, she started out with baby, both cars were filled with stuff.

I got a call from Nat, who was a few minutes ahead of me. She just wanted to warn me that there was a cop car hiding out. I checked my speed, going about 68, passed the cop, and didn't think about it. A minute or so later I look up and notice that police car is behind me, Checked my speed, still wasn't speeding. Looked in the rear view again, and noticed a second cop car. This time the lights went on. I was so annoyed, I knew that I wasn't speeding. Maybe went 6 miles over the limit or something. But he, they say that OHIO police live Michigan cars, cuz they can charge on the spot. So I pull off the road, and both police cars pull off with me. The Officer asks for my license and registration. I know have to dig through the luggage sitting in my front seat, I find the stiff he wants.

I should mention that I am driving the AP's car. We had borrowed it from them when they went of to Israel in February . I should also mention that the car is actually owned by his father in law who we will call Verlander.

The Cop looks at my license and the insurance card, and asks me
"Whose car is this?"
"It's my friends he lent it to me while he's away" was my reply.
" This car has been reported stolen, please step out of the vehicle"

I step out of my car, and the cop asks me what's in my pocket. I tell him I have my cell phone keys and my wallet. The cop from the 2nd car comes over and asks if I have a gun in my pocket, and would I mind if he patted me down. I didn't mind, and he didn't find a gun.

They ask me to sit in the police car (front seat) while they check out the car. When we get in the car, the officer again asks me about the car. I tell him its my friends car, and we had reported it stolen a few months ago
stolen a few month ago in Pittsburgh, and was found in Homestead (a city next to Pittsburgh) and we picked it up from a towing place.

So the officer, Dean (his real name) asked if he could call my friend, did I think he'd be at home or work. "Actually he's in Israel, but we can call him since he has a local phone number" So we try to call AP, but I had the wrong number. So I called Nat to ask for the number. I told her that everything was OK, I got pulled over for driving a stolen car, and I just had to call AP to straighten it out. She shouldn't worry just keep driving, and I'll see her at home.

We call AP, Dean speaks with him, and he verifies everything, gives him the number to his insurance company, and they could verify that I can be driving, and that the car was recovered. Dean then asks of AP has the number to Verlander so we could call him. Unfortunately, Verlander is in Uruguay.

Dean looks at me and says "your friend is in Israel, and his father is in Uruguay, this is pretty international" He then calls the station and tells them the new information that he learned. He still didn't believe me enough to set me free.

As we sit in silence I couldn't help but wonder what made him run my license plate. I didn't ask because my fear was he got me speeding, and was just pulling up my information. The last thing I wanted to do was remind him that he originals wanted to give me a ticket.

Unbeknownst to me at this time Natalie received a call from the Pittsburgh Police station
"Is Verlander there?"
"No, this isn't his cell phone this is Natalie"
"well he reported his car was stolen a few months ago, and this is the number he gave us. The car has been found, and the driver is being arrested"
"WHAT?? The driver is my husband, and the car was found months ago by the Homestead Police!!"
The caller frm the police station told Nat that she'll call her back when she checks this out.

AP meanwhile calls the Pittsburgh police, and his insurance company, to see what they can do. He gets in an argument with the police, because they just didn't communicate and that's what caused this whole problem.


Dean tells me that this isn't so uncommon, many departments have bad communication, they just have to check it out. He wanted to know if I had the reciept from the tow place. We went to the car, I looked through the glove compartment, and I couldn't find it. So we head back to the police cruiser
I hear someone radio over asking Dean if she should send the toe truck to pick up the car. He tells them to hold off. I am having visions of spending Shabbos in Jail in Lordstown Ohio. (For those familiar with the Ohio Turnpike I was stopped right next to the big GM plant, about 20 mile in from PA. )

(As I write this, I'm watching SNL, the skit that I being payed, is about a guy ho is being led into jail for driving a car that has been reported as stolen. The guy said it's his car, he reported it and it was found a while ago. They left him in the holding cell while they checked out his story)

Finally after an hour or so sitting in his car wondering what was going to happen he gets word from the Homestead Police that I am telling the truth and he lets me go. Before I get out of the car, Dean shares with me how I got caught. It wasn't a trooper who ran my plates, there are sensors along the road that can recognize license plates. It recognized mine as stolen and alerted the authorities.

I call Nat to let her know that I'm OK, and to see how far ahead she is. She tells me she pulled over to a reststop, has never been more stressed out. I was like, "why? I told you not to worry. Then she told about the call she had received.

The AP's are coming back home in a few weeks, and we will return their car. But the stories and memories will forever remain.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

To Shu

You absolutely must post the story of AP's stolen car!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Only In Israel

"At least we can all still daven together. The world will never understand."

I got this picture sent to me via e-mail with that caption underneath. Quite a sight. Thought I would share it.

July 21

What's July 21st? I'm wracking my brain, and I can't figure it out! Birthday? Anniversary? Some other important event?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

yom holedet sameach

b'arba'ah asar yom b'chodesh tamuz 5764, haisha sheli holedet beetee, chana elana (aka chanalana) .
yom holedet sameach,
yom holedet sameach,
yom holedet sameach, chanalana
yom holedet sameach.

Jonah is sleeping, Nat is watching TV, all that is left for me is the computer. Life is good Nat started packing up some stuff, getting ready for the move home!! Tomorrow Brian and I are going to place our first ads in the busses. Basically we have to put up 200 stickers, one on each bus.

Looking ahead, the next month is going to be really busy and crazy for me. I have 8 meetings in Detroit and one in Harrisburg. But it is a good busy, I really like my job, although things will be really different at home. Part of my enjoyment is I like going to the office and hanging out with Brian Gershon and Eli, for now, my office will be in my basement.

I think the responsibility I know have workwise is starting to set in, I am basically supposed to run a potentially huge division of our company. I'll have to hire people (hopefully) soon, and make sure that they are doing their job.

Thankfully I'm pretty confident in my ability to run the Michigan office. I know what is expected of me, and I know how to get the job done. Most importantly I believe in what I'm doing, I don't think it is a terrible thing or that I'm exploiting kids, and apparently I have to believe that, cuz I'll probably hear it from some people. Then I get to tell them why they are wrong.


For All Who Are Interested

Devo called to say that Daddy called to tell everyone that they arrived OK, and are in Yerushalayim!

Pause for a Daniel Moment

This morning, Daniel came into Nava's room to say "good morning" to her wearing only boxers. I was present and took the opportunity to hug him. OH MY GOD! His skin is amazing! It is so soft, and I'm so jealous! Which of you Zacks' has this kind of skin that Daniel inherited?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Settler seeks to become Palestinian

Have you heard about this Jewish settler that wants to become "Palestinian" in order to stay in his home in Elei Sinai? My friend sent me this article from Yahoo News.
Does anyone know anything about this? Just curious.

Dear Mom

Thanks so much for your Kohl's credit card
Spending the coupons was not very hard
I bought two pillows, they are beige and nice
And a black skirt for me, for a pretty good price.

When you get the bill, you might notice there
That I spent nine extra dollars, I did dare!
So thanks for the fun of my shopping spree
My favorite amount to spend is "FREE"!

Have fun in Yerushalayim! Miss me a lot! Buy me gum!

Monday, July 18, 2005

hi from devorah

Hi its been a long time since i have written but i keep hearing about people (non zacks) who read the blog that i have decided to read it and even write
Our house is as female as ever - yesterday yael got mad at me and told me that she wont be my friend when she grows up. it might have bothered her that i was not fazed cuz then she told me that i am not gonna get shalach manos from her either. the only comfort in that was that yaakov wont get any either
Shira has joined the fun and had a big crying session this evening. i could not figure out what was making her so sad for a really long time until she finally told me that chanalana (CE) wont play with her..... i hope she gets over it soon i told her it might help if she didnt pinch CE or pull her hair every time CE pulled hers
CE is also quite the woman, she kept on smiling at this man in borders and he finally came up to her and she freaked out....he then tried to get shira to shake his hand and to pat CE on the head and so i had to get involved - i was first polite and explaininng that my kids are shy but when he kept on trying to talk to the 3 girls and get them to shake his hand my mind went from what a sweet old man who thinks my kids are cute -to- man what is with the pervert why is he in the kids section of a bookstore without kids not looking at the books just looking at my cute little girls - i wanted to yell and tell the sicko to leave but in the back of my mind i realized my kids are just that cute and can cause a person to seem gross - so we left
I am tutoring this summer. One of the kids has vision problems and i am trying to teach her geometry - it is harder than it sounds.
gotta go to bed (cuz if i dont get enough sleep those cute little girls seem..... not as cute)
gnite love devorah

slow day

today i had 4 patients scheduled in the morning and 6 sceduled in the afternoon/evening. in the morning my 1st 2 patients didnt show up and in the afternoon only my first patient showed up. its been a long boring day slow day. one of the Dr's here made cupcakes for everyone and she went to a kosher restaurant and bought me a piece of kosher cake. i told her it was very nice and thoughtful but i still wouldn't eat it. so we get into another kosher discussion. i love kosher discussions anyway i may have a patient coming in right now and i have to go check although chances are they won't show. who wants to come to eye doc on a hot and humid monday evening. you should be out BBQing and watching baseball.
so heres the update on my lovely family, yael is starting to behave a lot more (atleast when i'm home, cuz she's sleeping) Shira has stopped listening to the point that we are getting her hearing checked, we need to know whether we can yell at her for ignoring us or we worry about her cuz she's THAT GOOD at ignoring us. (personally i think shes that good at ignoring us) and chanalana is everywhere B'H. she's in the 90th %ile of ht and wt, and the Doc said she should have teeth by the time she gets married. and if she doesnt we should call him then.
me and devo are fine too.
enjoy the parents in Israel.


I was eating a granola bar today, and I was chewing on something chewy, not a chochlate chip, like I assumed, but a large chunk of rubber. I saved the huge chunk, and now I'm trying to figure out what to do with it

Dedicated To Sarra

This post is dedicated to Sister Sarra, who because of her group I was stuck in traffic for a long time. As I got near Jeru from school, traffic stopped. As we slowly inched our way forward, passing groups of orange people, who do I see standing on the side of the road with a group of people, surrounded by cops?? Thats right, Sarra! Decked out in an orange shirt and blue bandana. When I left her, she was getting in a car to exit the city. We'll have to wait and see where she gets...

Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Israel Side...

So, Mom & Dad are headed over here after a quick NY stop for YY's wedding...congrats!...
Their apartment is perfect location, if I may say so myself ;) {I found it...}
It's right in the the rova, a hop skip and a jump from Dad's favorite spot...the Kotel.
I'm looking for a daf yomi group in the old city he can join...thank you Janglo... {Janglo is a yahoo! group for the English speakers in Jerusalem}
S&G&Kids are coming down wed. for the J's kid's bar mitzvah {as in Rabbi J...}, and Shabbat and then Go is staying for as long as she can last {they think the week...put me into the betting pool for 3 days...}
I'm not sure what d&S's plans are {although they ate by me for Shabbat lunch, it was really cute and Shany made an awesome squash kugel}
but, while I'm in between having to work so much... I get to chill with my favorite parents every day! Aren't they lucky :)
Catch all ya'll later...

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Happy half birthday

Happy half birthday to David
happy half birthday to David
happy half biiiirthday dear David
happy half birthday to you


I havent posted here in a long time, so heres some updates....
Still against the disengagement. Havent done anything about it for awhile, but I'm against.
Still studying for tests. I have a final on Monday, then in 2 weeks a moed bet for my macro final.
Its gotten very hot here.
Hung out with Sar and Shev yesterday.
Funny story-I was in my apartment, and I heard very loud music coming from outside. It sounded like it was coming from the street so I opened the window to look outside. I wasnt very much dressed, but it shouldnt matter since I was in my house, and I was looking two flights down. Tuned out, the music was coming from the apartment that is next to mine, we're both at the corner and our winows practically touch. Their kids had music on and were looking out the window. I quickly closed the window, and a second later they turned off the music. It was kinda funny. Havent heard anything from the Tzniut Patrol yet.....
Shan just got a 98 on one of her hardest finals.....also by her only 15% passed, just she made it into the 15%....

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Shev's Day

I got to chill with Batch-Shevy today. It was very cool. That's right, she had a day off of camp. We had tought about going to Gush Katif, show her the sights and what-not, but the closure kinda' shut down that idea. Instead we chilled in Yerushalayim a bit with David and then went to discover Tel Aviv. We both pretty much decided we hate Tel Aviv. You can't walk anywhere. Especially if you don't know where you are going...
I liked being able to spend time with her. I think she should spend more off days here in the Holy Land....
Other then chillin' everything's good. I'm a little bit looking for a job again, as I am not officially working for the group I'm creating the program with until November/December...and then not full time until May'ish.
The brochure is almost done, I'm just working on some touch-ups and trying to find the perfect pictures...
Well...shev isn't the only one exhausted....'

It's official

Well for the first time, It's been verbalized!!! Brian said that when we (Nat and I) go home next week, that is it for living in White Oak.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Hey everyone, heres the latest in my life. Work is going good. I have a bunch of meeting set up in Detroit (really surronding areas) over the next few weeks, and my return home is immenint, I hope . Nat is done with Pittsbuirgh, so when we return for my meeting the week of July 23rd, thats it she isnt returning with me, if I have to go. I assume that they dont want me to seperate from my lovely wife, and they'll tell me it's time to go to the place I belong. Or at least to my house.
Friday we are going to NY for a couple of weddings. i'm hoping to make teh rounds at some restaraunts, but we may not have the time to see them all, but Dougies is a pretty safe bet. after that, hopefully nomore travelling, it's killing me (with teh exception of my return trip to Detroit) well thats all for now....

Monday, July 11, 2005

Out Of D-Town

Message from the Batch-Shev-Ster, she's having a great time! She slept last night under shooting stars next to Massada, and this morning they were hiking up. She got lost in Ein Gedi, but it was cool. She walked all over Yerushalayim. She loved Chizkiyahu's tunnels. She's making cool friends. She isn't too into her counselors. She hasn't learned any new Hebrew. She has not spoken to Rivka, obviously there is nothing exciting going on in Detroit. She'll tell you more about everything herself when she is near a computer - probably mine on Wednesday :)

Sunday, July 10, 2005

New Blog

Yay! I just wanted to let you all know that I finally started my own blog. It's
We'll see how it works out.......................................

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Throwing Sheitels

Hey, shabbat was great. Except for the part that I forgot to take clothes cuz usually I dont go outside of the house when were at my parents. But this Shabbat, since we slept all day and it was 7, we decided to go to my parents friends (David went to mincha then-for whoever is concerned), which apperently when I got there my mom wanted to throw up from what I was wearing. I dont think I was wearing such a hideous oufit. Maybe the sleeves were a bit long, so she thought it was for the winter, but it wasnt. After that, my mom and sister were going through a rough stage in life. They had to leave everything Sat night and come directly to our "gorgeous" little apartment to help us clean and organize our lives. She said that instead of getting married she should have sent us both to kindergarden, and she cant believe were playing husband and wife. After my sister "organized" the workroom, and my mom "organized" the bedroom, they threw three big plastic bags of clothes saying, those things dont fit me anymore. Now dont get me wrong, I dont have a problem with throwing things, I do that once in awhile, but some things have sentimental value. Like I know I'm not going to wear that shirt form Margarita Islands from seven years ago, but I still want it!! Or that winter jacket, even if its not winter now, it will be winter again! My beloved husband here (the one typing) went to check what my mom threw out while I was away. He found his shirts in the pile. He got cranky and took them back. Bkitzur, I'm happy someone organized our stuff although I dont feel a bit worthless. In other good news, I made a shidduch for my friend whos getting married soon, and they got me michal negrin earrings. I know this isnt all connected (Lo kashur) but this is who I am. I love you all and have a good week, and wish us luck on our tests.

P.S. I saw my professor on Shabbat in my parents neighborhood. I havent gotten my grade yet so I was sucking up. Everyone was making fum of me including MyBujgo. Right its ok to suck uo before you get the grade? I didnt really suck up, I just said Hello Professor (Typist note-to the tune of Happy Birthday Mr President). He said, hello student. What does that mean? He knows my name. He knows all four of my names. Does that mean I'm going to get a zero? Hugs and kisses

Typist Note-It wasnt my idea to allow anyone to come and clean, they forced it on me. And I wouldnt let them go into my stuff.

Throwing Sheitels Part 2

Thanks Sar for giving me an invite to the Loop. I want to thank the academy, stam I always like saying that and it never fits.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Brain Freeze


Springform Pan! Whew!


That's My Boy!!!!

I just want to send a shout out to Daniel, my Little Leaguer. Yesterday at his game in Detroit he was playing catcher, as usual, and the ump. noticed his Tzitzit sticking out of his pants. She asked Daniel what it was, and he said, "Tzitzit." She called "time out" and called over Coach Katz. She asked him to tell Daniel to take them off. Coach Katz complied and Daniel refused saying, "My Mother told me I have to wear them." So the ump. suggested he tuck them in.

Oh, yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about!!

Best part of the day

I mentioned in my other blog, that coming home to an empty house after work is nice every now and then. So i feel I should mention that the best part of my day is when I get home from work. when Jonah is awake, he's sitting on the floor, and he breaks out in a big smile. Then we roll around on the floor, and I make him laugh for about 5 minutes or so, until he's tired of wrestling with me. and usually i have to change his diaper (the diaper part isn't part of the best part of the day :))

Welcome To Me

Hey. I just wanted to tell everyone that Sarra sent me a personal invite to join the Blog as my own per
um, Sorry that was Jonah (aka Donuts) typing. So I now have my own name and am even thinking about starting a blog. I'll keep you posted!!! Love you guys, Natalie

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Is eight years a long time?

So Batsheva feels that eight isn't such a big number. Ten, yes well that sounds like a long time, but eight; It's a drop in the bucket. Well Simmy might agree with her because he always looks at the big picture, but I think eight years is pretty darn good. Simmy brought me home a huge heart and actually wrote a great message inside and a little box of chocolates. I was going to make him a great anniversary dinner, but couldn't find good enough meat. So we decided we will combine shabbat dinner with our anniversary dinner and have it tomorrow night, which is also our hebrew anniversary.
So to all those who have already done eight years and to all those looking forward to eight years, we've had an awesome time and to me a very noteworhty eight years of marriage. Happy anniversary to us, a very happy family!

(what she's saying is that this marriage is taking forever. ed. note)
I think he means we will be forever.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My Education

For those of you keeping tabs on my second go at college, here's the skinny:

I recently finished a class in English Comp. It was horrible the entire time, and I actually thought I wouldn't do well. My grades have been near-perfect since I started taking classes one at a time, and I have been on the Dean's List and a member of Phi Theta Kappa. My only bad grade was in Step Aerobics, but that's for another time.

Well, I ended up with an A- in English Comp. which brings my GPA to 3.75!!

And now I am a finishing Frosh.

batsheva arrived

Hey guys, Batsheva arrived last night, so exciting. Anyways David is taking a test at this moment, Hope he does well. I gottag go study. love shany

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Shower Games

Bridal shower, that is. Any ideas or suggestions for a bridal shower game? The shower is for the bride and her friends (she already had the "official Detroit shower". Thanks! Natalie

Pinwheel Steaks

Also, people...You have no idea what you are missing if you have only eaten the pinwheels from OSK. FJ started making them, and I bought some for our BBQ last night. Amazing!!!!!!!!! They didn't skrink, there was almost no fat, and they were not chewy. Actually, they tasted a little like salisbury steak.

I highly recommend this new Mai'chel.

Sooooo funny!

I brought in a roll of film about a month ago that I frankly didn't think there were any pictures on. I mean, seriously, who takes real pictures anymore? But I found the roll somewhere, and I thought I'd give it a whirl.

So I only picked them up today. They were from 4 years ago. There are adorable pictures of Ephraim, almost 2 then, Daniel at his 5th birthday party, and Naomi and Gaily hanging out with us. So cute! And so random! And I think there might even be pictures of the Labor Day '01 trip to Storybook Gardens and Toronto.

Where Is Yaakov

Has anyone else noticed that Kov has disappeared from the blogging scene? No comments no posts. He has, however, started calling the Israeli Zacks' which we love! Did he sell his computer to afford the calls though?

Don't Worry...

Around 3pm Standard Israeli Time, I realized that no one was making "the BBQ". I hadn't received any phone calls telling me where one was, or what time it was starting...little bizzare. well, when no one else is stepping up to the base, there's only one thing to do. So, i called a few friends, decided on a time, told people to bring things, and met them at the park around 9.
We had the usual people you'd expect at a July 4th BBQ.
Canadians who couldn't get anyone together for their day, English'ers to show they don't still bare a grudge, and Israelis who were appreciative of the fact that Americans started the decline of the British Empire, thus allowing Israel to "fall" under Jewish rule, and of course a "few" token proud AMERICANS.
And I learned a lot about bbq'ing too. Don't let English girls run the grills - they'll sabatage them! Don't buy tin 1 time use grills. Make friends with the guys who rolled their gas grill to the park before lighting your throw away grills, cuz in the end you're going to use them anyway.
Yah, that's right, there were a group of peeps who rolled a gas grill from their home to the park, a couple blocks away, to BBQ july 4th in the park. They came over to us and invited us to join them and leave our "silly fake grills". We didn't want to admit defeat immediately, so we first tried to cook on our grills. but alas, we gave in and let them cook our chicken and hotdogs for us ;)
All in all...a great time was had by most!

Monday, July 04, 2005


Hey S&G, Y&D, D&S...
Did you get to eat ribs last night? I don't know if you are aware, but the other Zacks' ie...Detroit ones, got them last night. I know this because Mom told me that she was marinating them and then everyone, exept 'Nat (who doesn't eat them!) and Efraim (who had his 3rd bun in his whole life last night, ask him about it it's fascinating) ate them! Arye said he'd eat one for me. i hope all ya'll got someone to sponsor eating your ribs. Anyway, that's it...just tired and was about to turn off my computer...
Happy fourth!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ahh to be home

What a glorious day. Started with sunday morning football game, followed by a Jonah's first Tiger game. After that it was stright to the pool, another first for Jonah. Then came the goodbye BBQ for Batch (hey I guess I do call her Batch) As Sarra mentioned we had awesome ribs then came the baseball game. we played on the front lawn at Mom's that bat was small plastic one, and teh ball was a squishy little ball.

Nat, Batch and me formed one team, and and Arye Daniel and Ephrahim played against us. Jonah played third base, he was the base, until he crawled away. it was a close game throughout. It was a great game, There was definitly soem shady play by the Arye's with Daniel and Ephrahim stealing random bases. I do have to admit that Ephrahim struck me out during his one inning of work, but I also have to say that Arye called a strike because he claims " I thought about swinging" Natalie had a few clutch basehits as did Shevy. BUt it was Daniels big bat that won it for his team. With the game tied at 6, Daniel came to the plate with Arye at second base and smacked a Home run to win the game

Speaking of Our Baby Sister...

Does anybody else, besides Dad, Uncle Mike and me, still call Batch "Batch"?

This was a serious discussion over Shabbos at Mom's (where we moved in, decided 2 hours before Shabbos).

Friday, July 01, 2005

Do babies know?

Lately Jonah has been acting up at bedtime, refusing to go to sleep unless he was holding onto either Nat or me. I figure he’s a baby and he’s going through a stage. Nat is convinced it’s due to all the traveling we’ve been doing; he cant get on a schedule isn’t used to whatever crib he sleeps in at night. I’m not as convinced, the way see it, this is the only life he knows, for all his knowledge this is normal, one day White Oak, the next Detroit. It’s not like we travel without him, that his thought process is “We’re in Detroit, I wonder if Mom and Dad came this time” Perhaps Nat is right, (and she usually is, she reads more books than me) all this traveling is screwing up Jonah, can it be fixed, or are we doomed to spend all our nights leaning into his crib or lying in a bed holding him until he falls sleep. The annoying part is there is no end in site. We don’t know when our time is up in Pittsburgh, what we do know is We are going back to Pittsburgh on Monday or Tuesday morning, then going to NY July 15th for a few days. After that I have a meeting in Detroit, which will be followed by a week long stay in STL in mid August. After that Nat says she is never traveling again

Hello Family

Now that I've stopped blogging on Air Time, I have more time for the important things, like the Loop.

Not much is going on though. We have no plans for the fourth, so I am thinking we will say goodbye to Batch and maybe try to entertain dad so he isn't so lonely.