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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

on the road again......

After spending 3 days and nights bonding with Batshev, and finaly figuring out how the streets actually wen in SilverSpring, I left.We had a good bonding time, found out where all the restaurants are, found the mall, and Rockville, Md.
I dropped Shev at school, stopped for breakfast, and hit the road to NY and Auntie Cheryl's.
I got here, and now have a few days reprive until I get to drive home again.
Love you all

Pre teenager.

I can't handle my eight year old, How am I supposed to think I will be able to deal with a teenager. She is nuts. Girls are impossible. How did my parents get through my years like this. I can't talk to her, whatever I say is Wah wah wah (like charlie brown). Even on a good day when they are all doing art projects and I helped her with what she wanted to do, but it wasn't exactly what she wanted, I told her to start the top again, she saw what I did, she is very good at art...... AND she bursts into tears you don't have to yell or laugh or whatever she says. ( why do they always get upset in hebrew, so you can't understand what they are saying when they are crying and yelling and whinning)
I don't get it!!!
I don't see survival here as an option.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

silver spring was nice

but im ready to come home now. i thikn the first surefire sign that this wasnt going to work was when the lava lamp broke. it was like god telling me GO HOME. the second sign was school. i like the classes and e/t and the teachers are really nice but that was about it. i didnt meet anyone i could remotely possibly be really good friends with. so give me help- should i come home and go back to hell? sorry.....bais yaakov? or shud i stay here, friendless, but in a good school.

like nowish maybe?



Monday, August 28, 2006

In A Land Far Far Away

Once upon a time in the land of deranged minds, there was a cute apartment with a lot of personlity The king of the apartments was worried about the cute apartment, what if just anyone takes it and lives there! He decided that to save the cute apartment for the perfect he would hide her. Far away from all the other apartments, up high high in a building with no elevator he hid the cute apartment. He let a little old lady come to take care of her, but only the truly devoted would be able to call her home. For 40 years the cute apartment waited with only the old lady to host.
One day it happened. Two girls were looking for the perfect place to call their next home. They looked all over, but could not find the perfect place. Being truly devoted people though, they kept searching. Finally the girls found the cute apartment. They were able to overlook her location, and that she was 5 flights up.
The girls moved in, after finding the only truly devoted movers in town, and the rest will be history :)


Shev and I, with Deena Hochheiser set out on Sunday afternoon for a drive to Silver Spring, Md. (Deena actually went to Baltimore).
W got here at 30 Israeli time, that's 12:30 am american time. She is getting settled in her room at the Kristt's house. I stayed here last night and we are going shopping for all the things she needs to live here.
School starts tomorrow.
All is well
SHev says hi to everyone

Friday, August 25, 2006

My Bro

Just to keep everyone in the loop, Mo is visiting here for a couple of weeks. He had wanted to go up north to do some fire-fighting during the war, but, luckily, it's over for the time being.

So he's just hanging out. Sarra's coming for Shabbos, too, so a good Scrabble game will be had by all. My brownies, like some of your future kids, are in the oven. Hope they turn out OK. (The brownies, not my future nieces and nephews) I've never had success with brownies without Dunkin Hines, so we'll see.

Good Shabbos everyone!! Love you guys!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Go Tigers

Tonight Y&D (no kids) went with Nat Jonah and me to Comerica Park to watch the Tigers and Sox play some baseball. We sat about as far away as you can sit, down the third base line, behind the foul pole. While Yaak didnt really have a problem with the obstruction I couldn't see the batter unless I sat up straight. Plus the people around us all smelled bad. But we had a great time anyways.

Jonah was great, he loves going to the ball game and yelling Go Tigers and clapping. But I think his favorite part is throwing peanut shells on the floor. He has no interest in eating the peanuts, just throwing the shells on the floor.

By the end of the game he was so tired, he couldn't clap or yell, just sat nicely and watch the game..I was schlepping nachas (yes schlepping, we didn't bring teh stroller and he didn't want to walk


We now have a counter. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page you will see how many times people have looked at our loop. From our almost 100 newest vistors we have somehow enjoyed the company of someone from Argentina, Venezula, China, and Canada. Golda, don't take offense to was Alberta!? Hmm. The canadian found us by searching for ink stain removal. Chinaman by clicking next blog, and the Venezualian, well I actually have no clue, and the Argetian by typing something in spanish that somehow lead to us, weird... Someone from Linden, NJ found us by google'ing Sim Zacks... interesting...
Does anyone know how to publish our world map?


I am always packing. I pack on Friday for the weekend. I pack for two week visits to the States. I pack all my things each year as I move apartments. I pack for protest rallies. I pack for tiyulim. I pack for house-sitting. I pack, and I pack, and I pack. The only thing worse then packing is the unpacking.

hi aviva

hi peoples. life is good, i love summer- this summer has been the best summer EVER and i never want it 2 end lol. um what else? im leaving FOREVER in like 5 days. i thnk thats all thats been happenin veev. if u want more info, maybe YOU should call ME.

love u guys


Congrats to Yaakov on receiving his eye-checking-enabling license! We're all so proud of the mail, that they delivered it! Enjoy playing doctor kov!



Monday, August 21, 2006

email address change

Someone stole technologism when I forgot to renew it.
My new email address is sim at eyetravel dot us (thanks dad)

Please make a note of it.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


It's not easy being unemployed. Since my unemployment, which went into effect Tuesday at about 6:30PM, I have been on the run. Wednesday was spent jumping the waves with Daniel and Arye off the shore of Netanya. Collecting seashells with Ephraim, watching Nava water the sand with fresh water from the showers, comparing freckles with Aviva, and watching the kids with Mom & Dad. Dinner was with Mom, Dad, David, and Shany in one of Jerusalem's finest, but not on our favorite list. Thursday I woke up as if I had to still go to an office early in the morning so I could be ontime for the bus from Milaine's inlaws (which didn't leave until about an hour late). The drive up was a lot of fun, with Nava switching between her parents' car and the bus with me. We picniced for lunch by a river, hiked up and down the Arabel, and then BBQ'ed with R' Shimon Bar Yochai. Milaine let me cut her sons hair, and then I went to Maalot for Shabb(at/os). Friday it was back to the beach to splash with Naomi, Avigail and Yehudah. I lost the sandcastle building contest to Mom. (Naftali did try to help me by smashing Mom's - but she recovered before the waves). Maalot Shabb was great. Kids were, well, wonderfully rambuctious. I beat everyone in scrabble (by everyone I mean Mom, Dad, and Sim). We looked for descruction and found it at the new ice-cream parlor, now without windows. Sim & Golda pointed out a missing roof on a house. Anyway...I think that sums me up in a help! i'm in a nutshell...
In other news, I have called a travel agent to see 'bout getting me a ticket.
Looks like my plans are to be in the States from the 3rd to the 17th...Detroit starting on the 7th.
Pizza here! gotta run!!

Friday, August 18, 2006


So Meron was very nice and the two stops along the way were awesome!! Fry even climbed down a cliff with all the other brave people.

We all got to torture Sabi and I imagine his mother has, by now, cleaned him up properly.

Have a great Shabbos!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

where has sarra gone

we know that sarra is no longer a working girl, we thought she would spend more time blogging and being on line to talk to us lonely michiganders, so...where in the middle east is sarra ...
in other news many of you have heard of the grill saga, so for those have had heard it its made and should be working by the weekend, for those that haven't heard the story yet read on. a friend who does recycling came to my house with a brand new grill in a damged box from a store he does recycling for, he said this is the third grill he has recycled and the first two were gorgeous that the store was just throwing out, so he knew i was looking for a grill and he thought it would be nice idea to give me one of his recycled grills. so i graciously accepted. the hardware in the box was not in its wrapping which meant someone else obviously tried to put it together and took it back to the store, so i took it to our local grill shop and asked them to put it together for me($25), after they looked at it they said it cant be done, the guy returned it to the store because it had two right legs and no left leg and was missing some other part. well i took it home and i looked at it and it turned out the two legs were the same but the other part that was missing i found. so i called the company and asked if the two parts were really the same or different so he said they were the same so i started putting it together and i realized i would have to drill a hole in the new left leg, but after that, it all fit together very nicely. so kudos to said friend who will remain nameless, and not kudos to the grill place that didnt try to put my grill together. but i think i will buy a cover from them cuz he helped me load it in my car still in the box. and he was nice enough to take a look at it and not charge me.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006



Sunday, August 13, 2006

Toilet - The Update

I know you've all been on the edge of your "seats" so I thought I'd let you know as soon as possible that our toilet has been attached to the floor. And we have mirrors in the bathrooms.

Friday, August 11, 2006


hey loop people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im back from camp!! it was amazing, and if you'd like 2 hear more details call me on my cell but i might not answer cuz bubbie and saba's house has NO SERVICE so its just like being at camp but it smells better and there are no waiters. yea, we had waiters at camp. I MISS CAMP!! annnnywho, now im in florida and its awesome and i love my bed. every morning me and bubbie wake up at 9:00 and go do water aerobics down at "the club". its a party, lemme tell ya. oh yeah happy birthday to all the people whos birthdays it was, there are 2 many to remmeber so im just gonna give a general happy birthday. here you go: happy birthday.
okay so im trying to think of more things to write cuz when i was showering i had a whole post in my head but it didnt go like this. omg you know how like you're showering and you have a REALLY good idea and then you forget when you get out of the shower? doesnt that suck?!? i think it does. OMG OMG OMG guess what?!?!?!? i told this to david but i dont think he appreciated it so much. ready? hicks, and black people, use the same words!!! for example: ya'll. dad says ya'll. and mr. mobile says ya'll. (hick: ya'll wanna go down to the country club? ghetto person: wutup ya'll?) HOW COOL?!?!? ok im excited about that. umm....blah so yea florida is cool, camp was SO much fun. i have a list of like 3 books i have to buy. ok only 1. did anyone hear of praying with fire? i have to read it. OH OH OH did anyone read rigshei lev? yeah, i met the guy who wrote it. rabbi nissel. uhu. we chilled out, it was fun. he was a nice guy. umm....ok i gotta go get ready for shabbos, but have a really really really really good shabbos and all the detroit people should have a good time at my welcome home party and i want another one when i REALLY get home. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006



Tuesday, August 08, 2006




Friday, August 04, 2006

the heat the pool and the frog

THE SAGA CONTINUES... last week a small furry animal was pulled frim the top of the pool as it was floating in the watery oasis... today....
i'm glad the saying is 'like a fish in water' and not like a frog in water, because i just pulled a frog out of the water, it was doing the bottom stroke.
its final resting place is just around the corner from its friend the mouse :)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

dad at the kotel?

i hope everyone had a meaningful kinot filled fast, like me. may we merit to be in yerushalayim not sayng kinos next year!
but we DID have sticky gooey maple pecan rolls to break the fast THANKS MOM, so when mashiach comes and there is no fast will there still be maple pecan rolls??

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


do shopping carts in Israel roll sideways?

do people yell when you heard but didn't understand?

do we have to be quiet between 2 and 4? Do people still nap?

did the guy who sold us a microwave only take off 5 shekels when I asked him for an Oleh discount?

did the builders forget to attach the toilet to the floor?