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Monday, November 27, 2006

Busserfest 2006

Thank you to all the wonderful people who helped make the steak poppers a smashing success. Oh, what steak poppers you ask? well, let me tell you. in honor of Thnxgiving my friends here put together a busserfest, and boy was it excellent. everyone invited (and there were 15) was asked to bring a meat dish (poultry was allowed as it was Thnxgiving) I decided I wanted steak poppers. After taking a survey (from Aviva & Sim) I chose the perfect cut of beef (chunk of rib). I searched the internet unsuccessfully for a spicy marinade - so i made one up. I cubed the meat, marinated it overnight, cooked it in it's marinade, fried it in it's marinade-no oil...I took out most of the juice and let what was left became crunchy in the skillet, added some flour to the marinade, cooked it and poured it on top! it was sick awesome :)
I got rave reviews :)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

so the rest of the world knows!


Thursday, November 23, 2006

thanksgiving thoughts

nothing says thanksgiving like ...
saying hi and bye to lanni and nodding to rodney...
having uncle harry serve drinks from behind the bar...
seeing the pool table actually being used...
saying hi and bye to aunt jackie....
having plates you can eat from and some that aren't recommended..
reminding people to please remove the crosses from your necks at the family party...
seeing uncle harry's brother...
bubbie's sweet and sour meatballs...
devorah's yummy brownies with peanut butter, chocolate krispy topping..yum...
two turkeys...AND a brisket...

happy thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving to the Israeli Zacks..Hope you're watching the Lions and eating some Turkey. We will think of you at the Annual Party, no more wheels Inn:(

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Equals 36

now that's some mad stats :)
Enjloy Memphis!!

Love 'ya bunches

Anniversary song

Some anniversary songs have a melody
and some anniversary songs rhyme.
Some profuse love and thankfulness
and some everlasting awe.
Yet other anniversary songs send a simple message
of many faithful years and devotion.
This anniversary song is different than all of those
It's not a song.
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad,
We all love you!!

Our Basement

After a few years of wanting to do something with our basement, we finally decided to stop talking about it and do it. Last night we had the ceiling and walls painted. It was far cheaper then putting in a drop ceiling and drywall, and should look just as nice. The downside is that our entire house smelled like paint last night, and probably still does right now, but I think I'm used to the fumes.

On Monday, hopefully, the carpet guy will come and lay the carpet, I will miss the shuffleboard tiles that we have had till now, but this should make it a more comfy room where we can send Jonah down to play.

We aren't sure what we'll do with the basement, I suggested putting a bar down there but Nat didn't think we are bar people. She wants to put the TV down there, move her office down there, and have it as a playroom for Jonah and future child.

When the carpet is all down I will post some pictures.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

clink, clink, clink

yehudah what in the world are you doing, you'll punch a hole in your shield, wait, there i'm all almost done, what does it say it it says who is like unto you o G-d, look towards those mountains what do you see mountains, thise are the judean mountains and in them lies jerusalme we are going to go in there and take it back, you and me and our brothers against the mighty battalion of the greek empire you your such a dreamer yehudah well you are well huh well you got me beleiving your crazy dreams, that because your a macabee


busses and money and other things that go

i hate busses.

public transportation BLOWS my school had a blind auction this morning to raise money for this kallah who has none, and we raised over 3,000 dollars. ok so my friend starts the auction thingy, right? and she picks up a wrapped present- no one knows whats inside. she starts the bidding at 1 dollar. immediatly someone yells $50!! and then two seconds later $110!! the bidding went up to like 120 bucks and then the person who won ran up to open it. it was toilet paper, tissues, and a toothbrush. i expected her to be like no freaking way i just spent 120 dollars on toilet paper- but she didnt! she was so excited about it!! that happened the entire time. one girl kept telling other people to raise her bid until she finally bid $330 and she got a cute little gumball machine that you could buy for 10 bucks. the people here are AMAZING!! i couldnt get over it. ok so thats amazing, right? on the side, we're having a toy drive for chai lifeline. almost ever signle person put the stuff they bought for over 100 dollars into the boxes to give away to kids with cancer. seriously- i couldnt believe it. one girl who works bid away all of her money that she made. she was like "dont worry, ill make more." i was like what is WRONG with you?? but then i realized how awesome these people are!!!

my school rocks

...but i still hate busses.

Monday, November 20, 2006

2 more dead fish

that makes 3. the same amount of eggs those silly love birds have. I feel that the eggs of the love birds in israel have an inverse relationship to the amount of fish of mine that die, so i beseech the love birds to stop loving and making eggs so my fish can live a longer life.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Our birds now have as many eggs as we have kids. Mazel Tov to the happy couple.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

1 dead fish

most of you know by now that we are the proud owners of a 28 gallon fish tank. it is home right now to 9 tropical fish, and rocks and some fake plants. well, we started out with 8 fish and one died at the begining of shabbos, i think it waited till after licht bentching so it was able to taste shabbos in our home before it went bye-bye. being that the fish store has a 14 day live policy ( if they die w/in 14 days we could return them) i took our dead little fish off the filter ( which was apparently powerful enough to suck it off the floor of the tank, and across the tank) and took him back to the store, where they put him in the fridge. i think they are waiting for technology to catch up to the time and they will revive him, but thats for a later time. while i was there i said i have all "non aggressive" fish can i also get a "semi aggressive" or will he beat up the others, they said he would eat the others, so then i said well i have 3 black molly fish and one of them keeps nipping at the others, so the lay at the store said oh he sounds aggressive i would take him out and put him in a nother tank, so i'm thinking hopefully the fish will toughen up against their new aggressor or they'll be killed within 14 days!
gut voch

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

so cool!

hey guys i just wanted 2 tell u that im in school AND online....

how cool!?!?!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Prior to his capture...

Ehud Goldwasser, 31, lived in Nahariya. He worked at Technion, the Israeli Institute of Technology, from which he earned a degree in environmental engineering studies. As a teenager, Udi lived in South Africa with his parents and two younger brothers. He is married to Karnit. His parents are Shlomo (father) and Mickey (mother).

Eldad Regev, 26, was a student at Bar Ilan University studying law. Born and raised in Kiryat Motzkin. Eldad is the son of Tova (of blessed memory) and Zvi Regev, and brother of Benny, Ofer and Eyal. Among Eldad’s hobbies are football (last year he passed a coaching course - he is a fan of Maccabi Tel Aviv football team), music and books.

Gilad Schalit, 20, was serving in the Israeli army. He is the son of Aviva and Noam Schalit from Mitzpe Hilla in the Western Galilee and the brother of Yoel (23) and Hadas (16). He has enjoyed playing basketball ever since he was a child, but is interested in sports in general. He follows the different leagues and tournaments all over the world, from tennis and basketball to cycling and athletics. If you wish to know the results of a tournament somewhere in the world – it’s Gilad you should ask.

constant nagging

How do you stay patient in the face of constant nagging?
Now that I am having to deal with this new method of making your mom crazy I was wondering how other people respond with out biting their childrens heads off.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Amother Zacks

There is a new Zacks on onlysimchas from Vancouver. Just thought everyone should now.

I Passed

My Goodness

Took our road tests today. Now we wait.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


heyy family people!! ok so today i went downtown to go see the movie The Prestige- AMAZING by the way, i saw it an hour ago and every couple minutes i still keep understanding little parts of the movie- anywho, im waiting by the bus stop to go meet my friend downtown. while im standing there, a car full of yeshiva girl people comes by and basically kidnaps me. they take me about 10 minutes out of my way until they get to where THEY were going and let me out. so then i take a differant bus to get downtown, but there was a whole deal cuz they changed the bus station number thingys so i had NO clue which bus to take...bkitzor, it took like 15 minutes to figure out which bus i was taking and another 20 for it to actually come. so im freaking out cuz im worried that my friend that i was meeting would be waiting by the movie theater or something and its freezing outside so i felt really bad. anyhowz, i get downtown and go 2 the closest theater i find, cuz i figured that was where we were gonna watch the movie. then icalled her to find out where she was, and apparently she hadnt left her house yet. which sucks. so somehow (thank god for cell phones) i manage to kill an hour until she makes it to where i am. then we realize that the movie theater we were in was only showing 4 movies and all of them were R rated. so we figured that wasnt where we wanted to be and we started wandering around, trying to find the GOOD movie theater which we knew was somewhere around. finally, this blonde guy who was wearing sunglasses (fashion statement? it was 50 degrees!!) showed us where to go and asked us if we wanted his number in case we got lost, but we said we'd be fine. (i was so proud of us ;) ) THEN....umm...what happened? oh yeah! so we went into the Majestic- how cool is that name by the way??- and we found out that the only good-sounding move (the prestige) was playing in an hour and a half. so that was cool- we went to starbucks and got hot cocoa and took pictures and annoyed people until that got boring, and then we went to payless for like 20 minutes. theeeen...we go 2 see the movie, its really good, blah blah blah, we walk out and BOOM! i realize i forgot my purse. yes, i was carrying a purse. anywho, i ran back in like a crazy person and started asking everyone left in there if they had seen my purse until i realized that it was in the seat i was sitting in before. kinda embarrassing...
anways, after the movie it was dark so we decided to go home. i made srue seh got on her bus and then i waited the hour for my bus to come. to make a long story short (ha yeah right) i got off at the wrong stop and started walking around randomly, until i had the epiphany (HOW COOL AM I?!??! I USED EPIPHANY IN A SENTANCE!!!) that i should call my boarder dad and find out where exactly i was. theeen....he came and saved me. thats the end of my day! i love how every time i walk outside i have a 5 minutes blog to write ;) ....

in other news, my shabbos was ok. i did groups for Aish and got 50 bucks, so that was cool. what else...umm...oh yeah! im scenery head for the play in our school. i think its funny czu i cant draw but ill be the um...organizer? the heads of all the groups get sweatshirts with their anmes on them and i really wanted a sweatshirt, so i signed up to be scenery head! hehehe...this should be fun ;). um what else...nothing else is really going on. i miss all of u!! come visit me!! mwa

whats up?

All is well here, whats going on with everyone?

Monday, November 06, 2006

public announcement

We have officially reached 9! And 36 (dont worry Vee I covered all bases).
So now its nine and counting.
Have a good one ya'll

Thursday, November 02, 2006

To Whom it may Concern

Thanks for dinner.