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Friday, December 30, 2005

Family Time

Just to update all the notyetIsraeli Zacks'...
Chanukah Brunch Party was excellent!! We all met in the Old City. Everyone enjoyed their choice of bagels or doughnuts, or pizza, or whatever they could find. We sat outside and watched tourists wander 'round. Can't really go more into Shabbos is in a few minutes...
Love you all!
Chanukah Samayach
Chodesh Tov
Happy New year
And have a great Shabbat!!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It went great

For those who didn't get to see the interview on Fox News this afternoon, it went great. I was going against a guy who doesn't like advertising to kids in any way.

I went to a studio in Southfield, and stared into a taped X in a camera and head earphones so I could hear the other people. The host, I think his name was Varney, first asked the other guy we'll call him Gary what his problems with the advertising in school buses.

Then asked what I thought.Varney agreed with me, and said that he believes most people will take the money. Gary still didn't agree.Then Gary went on to say that he's opposed to youth advertising because all we're going to do is have ads for violent video games, pop and other crap that kids should avoid.

Varney asked if I'll have ads for pop and I said no. But I quickly explained that all ads have to be approved by the school board before it can be placed on a a bus, so that takes care of his only issue.

I am going to try and get the video on the net, and link it from this blog, but sadly I don't have a clue how to do it, I have a VHS and possibly a DVD, but I'm not sure if the DVD works. I will discover that tomorrow

I'm gonna be on TV !!!

This wasn't exactly how I planned my day off, but It'll do. I got up this morning and saw that I had a message from the Boss informing me that the USATODAY Article- Advertisers catch the school bus ran this morning. It wasn't exactly what we thought it would be, but it did mention our company and my name.
Turns out it did the job tho. A few minutes later Fox News called and asked if I they could interview me this afternoon. I will be debating a guy who also appeared in the article and thinks our company is terrible concept. Should make for riveting TV.
The show will be shown Live at around 4:40 maybe even as late as 4:50. Tune in, and lets hope I don't screw up :)

Monday, December 26, 2005


for the first time in our lives, i feel free from the strings that were attached to my computer, so many wires and noises blipping and screeching, WE ARE NOW WIRELESS, at least our internet is and at least for the moment. it took a while (2 days) to work out the kinks and hopefully it'll work for many months to come.
IN OTHER NEWS, we got our check from the ALL detergent company for ruining our shirts. isn't chanukah a happy time of year
have a happy chanukah

out of the hospital

brother Benji has been released from the hospital. He has not fully recovered, they just gave him a slight reprieve or something like that and sent to him to convalesce in ramat bet shemesh.
We don't think he will make it to the family chanukah party, but we'll invite his wife and kid to come represent their family.
For those who wanted to be kept updated, consider this an update.

Friday, December 23, 2005

It's Official Now, I Guess

Its easier to just copy and paste, so you cant click this, its not HTML.
Here's a link to the test

Thursday, December 22, 2005


my eldest has been wanting to wear a belt with her outfit for the last few days but since it has been really cold she's been wearing sweaters. the problem is sweaters cover the belt area and no ne would see that she was wearing it. this made her very upset so this morning despite her wearing a very bulky sweater she loosened her skirt as much as it could be (buttons on the inside) and tucked in her sweater and proudly put on her belt. we told her she may look silly but she can do it if she wants to.
help me out here, whats it gonna be like in the future ???????

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Speed Dating

I beat my own record! Previous shortest date was 45 minutes. It was in bklyn, guy picked me up and took me to a restaurant around the corner. We were served within minutes of our ordering. Ate, finished the meal and he drove me home. I didn't give him a second date... I did not think I could possibly beat that time...but I did today! I had a 15 minutes date. Now true, if we were baking cookies, the cookies would have burned, as they take only 11 some things can happen in under 15 minutes. This wasn't to be. We met around 4:30. He told me immediately that he was exhausted, and hadn't realized how tired he was. During our together time i learned a bit 'bout him, told him a bit 'bout me. We talked about sitting down in a coffee shop b/c he was so tired, but he was afraid he'd fall asleep...and then after about 15 minutes he said he was falling asleep walking (thnx for the vote of confidence) and he was going to find a tremp home. I hope he made it.

NOTE: This was posted to both TwoAres & The Loop for the Boston Zacks' who do not wish to check TwoAres.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

brother benji

Not daddy's brother benji. My brother benji.
I just wanted to give y'all a status.
Benji had a stroke and he has a hole in his heart. His blood is randomly clotting and they don't know why. They think it may be coming from his leg.

He is in a socialist hospital and being cared for by incompetant doctors. The same incompetant hospital that our prime minister just left after they said he was fit to run the country. After hearing the story of my brotherinlaw, I imagine that if they say he can run a country, it is a sure sign that he can't.

Golda went down there for a couple days to help them out and she explained how things should be to the rude doctors. She held down the fort with benji's wife until her mom got here and then she was given furlough to come home and visit her children.

God willing he will recover fully.

Monday, December 19, 2005


Interview went mostly great. I think they love me, who wouldn't :) They'll let me know in a week or two. The job is to run a camp . It's a 6 week camp for North Americans. Camp is divided between the kids being madrichim on a program for 10 days for victims of terror, touring, volunteering in other organizations, learning about Israel, and learning about "defending Israel" verbally. They're looking for someone who will do administration, train madrichim, connect with the kids, and be the #1 person of the program. Look no further.... I"m in a great mood :)

Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Little Guys

No presents on Chanukah?! Are we going to let this just pass without a protest? No colors? No flags? Has anyone tried to sneak presents across the line? The little underdogs need to be given a voice! Isn't it a little harsh? NO PRESENT FOR YOU - ONE YEAR! reminds me of a certain soup nazi, and we all know what happened to him... (ummm, his recipes were discovered, he got mad and comparison...but not the point...) Daniel, Efraim & Nava.... my heart goes out to you guys! When you need to run away....I'm here for you :)

Thursday, December 15, 2005


It has been snowing a lot here today, and I decided to take advantage of the snow and take a ride back in time.

After shoveling teh driveway I had to move my car off said driveway so Nat could pull up to teh kitchen when she got back from the store. Jonah was at a friends house so I had lots of free time.

Before I could move my car, I had to get all the snow off it, there must have been a foot of snow piled on the car. I didn't want to toss it back onto the driveway, which I had spent so much time freeing from teh snow. So I decided to toss it on the side. While I was doing this I started making a snowman. I carved out legs and arms for him. Then I went to teh kitchen to look for a carrot, which I used for both his eyes and nose.

When I was done, I thought He needs a mate, someone he could chill with (no pun intended) So I said to the rest of the snow on my car, Let us make woman. Luckily we still had some carrots left, and I could give the snowgirl the same color eyes and nose as her snowman.


hey so im gonna post again. im not high this time. i hope. so anyways, in chumash, we have a tradition. after every pasuk and rashi the teacher looks at me because i always have issues wth the chumash and we hve a 10 minute debate. this most recent debate has been going on for a couple weeks- me and the teacher- and i feel i won, and id lke to share it with all of you becuase i have nothing better to do. the pasuk says (i feel so jewish!! talkn abt the pasuk and everythng...hehhe) somethng like hashem let the meraglim go but he said that it was because he wanted to jews to make ther own mstakes, so they could learn from them or somethng to that i asked how that works with bechira. if god knows e/t that wll happen in the future theres no free choice, rght? its like we're following a script. thats been written since before tme and all that. this bothered me. a lot. so...we've been arguing back and forth as i said for a few weeks and today i said to her "mrs stein (chumash teacher) do you believe in predetermanism?" to which she said "what's predetermanism?" ergo my feeling of winning. i think that if the teacher cant keep up wth my terminology, i win because i am smarter. k now i have to go eat dinner. catchya later!!!
love ya

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I sent out a buncha' resumes (CV's) last week, and the beginning of this week to a ton of different places..cuz I need a job... Today I decided if I don't hear back from any of them before the end of December I will go back to IDT call center. Sure it's depressing and exhausting and makes me crazy... but, but, but...
BOOM! I got an e-mail asking me to come in for an interview.
somebody loves me.
So, my interview is next Monday....
Wish me luck.
My biggest challange will be they're looking for someone who speaks fluent Hebrew. I've faked that before...

My boy is wicked smart

On morning when Nat has to go to work early, I usually wake up and find Jonah sitting on my head trying to get me up. This morning, I was too tired, so Jonah brought the remote, I put on little Einsteins and he watched and learned from them for a little bit until I was ready to awaken.

I asked him if he wanted breakfast, he said yes, crawled off my bed, turned off the TV, and went into the kitchen to wait for me. When I got there I gave him his bowl, and asked him to bring it to the table. I grabbed the milk and honey nut cheerios, went to the table, and there was Jonah, sitting at the table, in a big boy chair with his bowl on the table, patiently waiting for me to serve him


so i took my national boards part 2 last week and i don't get results till january or february. we were looking at houses in Detroit but i think we stopped for the time being. they either cost too much or aren't where we want them or are too small. so, cost too much is relative because in boston cheap is $700,000, where in detroit 275,000 is too much. go figure. devorah just went to conferences last nioght for the girls and we found out that our girls are perfect (in school). they both know how to share and hold a pencil, yael is excellent at kriah (thats reading , not ripping) and shira holds a pencil very well. shira can also color IN the lines and write a few letters! yael can write words and is very interested in reading both hebrew and english. chanalana can say packy (pacifier),, book (book), apple (drink) which is interesting because she doesnt drink apple juice. and many other words that we probabaly don't recognize as english. well shiras birthday passed and another year goes by. we are getting older but some of you are older already and some of you will get there soon. it snowed the other friday a lot, and i had to shovel because our landlady has yet to find someone to plow the driveway, so i called her up and it went something like this heloo mrs p how you doing ? oy vey not so good (thats how all of our conversations start) so i said me neither and she asked what wqas wrong and i told her my back hurt from shoveling the driveway and is she gonna hire someone to do it? she told me to take a hot bath , not that it works but thats what they tell her to do. i feel like i didnt get what i wanted out of the conversation. anyway maybe it wont snow again all winter
have a good day

Monday, December 12, 2005

chanukah party

The annual Israeli Zacks family chanukah party will take place on Friday morning, Dec 30, in Jerusalem. Hope to see you there.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


So, Dad's impressed with cigarettes and Shev's high on paint... to think I was just there last week and you were all still normal...
I got the ultimate compliment from Justin this Shabbat... That I get my cooking ability from Mom :) Justin's invited back here anytime... We were talking and came up with a question... Somone who wouldn't walk 4 amot without a kippa... how do they go into the water at the beach? By a pool you can leave your kippa right near the water, but the beach?

Friday, December 09, 2005

Great week

Well this has a been a great week both personally and professionally for me.

On the personal side, me and Nat leased a new car Woohoo, a Jeep Liberty, we are very excited, definitely outweighs all the colds that have been running through this house.

On the work front, I signed my first (paid) clients to advertise on the buses. The Ypsilanti Federal Credit Union, has signed a 3 month deal to be in the buses.

But wait it gets better.........

I was sitting at my desk ready to end another day of work sometime earlier this week when the phone rang, I answered it, and the person at the other end said she was from the USA Today, they were doing a story on ads in school buses in Ypsilanti, and she did a nice long interview with me. The article will appear sometime early next week, I will let you know what day it is, when I know, and I will post a link if there is one....This could be huge for our company, story in a national excited!!!

Word to the Wise

Anyone who's thinking about Skypeing and instant messaging at the same time, please be aware that you should turn off all sounds in your instant messenger first. Very annoying!

Thursday, December 08, 2005


hey peoples!! its been a here the update on my exciting (not) life...
well....i got in2 drama in the high school producton- dont get 2 excited, im in one scene but ts still cool!!! umm what not getting all A's so im not sure abt the cell phone...what does limited access mean? also, we got a new computer. 4 me!!!! i feel loved....and mom bought me an inflatable basketball net. i feel kinda like daniel. or like sarra. yeah sar, u can have a dog. haha rover's stuffed!!! im kinda high right now, so im not sure if what m writing makes sense, or if i should be writing it but thats ok!!!!! what other room is almost done!! we painted it blue. well, first we painted it blue and green. but then i realized that the green- no offense mom- is knda lke the color u get when u mix puke and boogers. so we painted the green over wth blue! so thats basically done, we have 2 figure out what furniture 2 put in there and e/t and yeah!!! not gonna go n2 the soap opera part of my life, 2 hear that u have 2 CALL ME!!!! my friends rock and theyre the bestest....ummmmmmm....see my life rly ISNT exciting...i still do friendship circle and all and hopefully im gonna start guitar agan soon cuz guitar is HOTT!!! umm what excited 4 my birthday. and chanuka. if a/o is interested, i need a new iron. and umm what else do i want...i want a poster of the starting 5- pistons...or just tayshan...or rasheed...theyre da guys!!! also i want a cell phone but thats up 2 mom and dad. and an ipod. and a digital camera- i have one so i dont NEED one but it wud be nce cuz mine is kinda big....ummmm what else- u cud all come in 4 my bday!!!!!! then u dont have 2 buy me a present! to all the broke sblings, u also dont have 2 buy me a/t. i feel ur pain, and i identify w/ it. also i am broke. i found this out when i went 2 the mall and wanted 2 buy this AWESOME sweathert that sed redheads are on fire! and then i realiized it was 15 bucks and i dont have 15 bucks....kinda sucked...o well! thats bascally all thats happenn here in da hood... oh and BY THE WAY all the people who told me that my nose being crooked was hereditary- it so HAPPENS ts been broken for over a year and NO ONE BELIEVED ME!!! so hopefully im getting that fxed up....and yeah my teeth r straight now...and e/t s straight abt me (i hope) except my nose. so yeah...hahaha found out i have ADHD. mom told me not 2 tell e/o but i already wrote it and if i decide 2 delete it i have 2 go bak and erase all this that i just spent 10 seconds typing so m just gonna leave it there. so now im gonna go eat dinner fcuz mom made lasagna and it smells like HEAVENNNNNNNNNNNNN ooo sorry all u deserters who moved away! hahahah (evil laugh) k thats it! fo shizz ya'll....

Monday, December 05, 2005




Only In Jerusalem

I was walking home today and I passed a sign "We took the bed that was laying out here. If it belongs to you, please call us at ..... and we'll return it". How sweet is that? In other news, a cold front has come in, the weather has fallen below 70 :-( It was so cold I had to wear long sleeves.

The dog

Last night we received a visitor, as you can probably guess from the title, it was the dog. Jonah was very excited to see the dog, he kept saying doggie doggie. The problem is, Jonah i only excited when he is being held, he is very cute, he tried to run across the room from Nat to me before the dog can get him.

Barring a miracle change from now until sometime this evening, we will not be keeping this dog. We want something a little smaller and more chilled out. This dog woke me up at 5:30 and didn't stop bothering me until I went to Shul at 6:50

So in short, we still want to get a dog, we just don't want this one. We will probably wait untill spring

Friday, December 02, 2005

Gay stores, lying about my age, just another day at the office

I spent the morning in Ypsilanti, I had a few meetings that hopefully went well. I arrived a about a half hour early for one of the meetings, so I decided I would check out what was in the area, perhaps a store that wants to advertise on my buses.

I saw this one store called Eklectic, I assumed it was a gift shop, and thought maybe thy would be interested in a sign, for mothers day, or if they do something quick enough the end of the holiday rush.

I walk in the smell of incense is in the air, and I notice that right when you walk in are some rainbow stuff, gay pride and what not. As I continue to walk through the store, the guy behind the counter asks "You come here straight from Synagogue? " I tell him no, I was in the area, and his store looked interesting, so I stopped by.

He informed that they don't get a lot of Jews in his store, at leaset not wearing a Yarmulke (I dint remember if he said Yarmulke or something else) It was about then I realized that the whole store was a gay store, not really someplace that would advertise on a bus. They didn't have dirty things in their, just regular old gay things.

Then I went to my meeting, I was 15 minutes early, but it was cold outside, and if I had to wait, at least it would be in a heated building.

This place was a medical center, designed for teens -21 year olds. The woman who I was meeting with came and looked me over. She asked how old I was, and as always it too a second for me to think, but finally came up with teh correct 24 years old.

She turned to the receptionist and asked if she thought I could pass as 21. They decided that Indeed I could pass as 21. Then they explained to me what was up. The Eastern Michigan Student newspaper was doing a story on them, and they (the clinic) wanted to have a picture of both males and females, unfortunately there were only females in at that time.

They asked me if I minded pretending like I was being examined so the photographer could take my picture. I had no problem, and they put me on a scale and weighed and measured me, and they got some nice pictures of me. I had to lie to the reporter and tell him I was 21, I hope he didn't mind.

My meeting after that went smoothly, they should agree to a contract with us in the next week or so, I will keep you updated

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Taken To Heart...

So, had a nice long convo with Devorah last night...cuz I am in the country...and she is very concerned about the death of The Loop. I am ready and willing to let go of my little twoares blog, and concentrate more on The Loop. So, for all who wanted to know... so far NY is fun. Spent last night at the Friedman's place in LES, and will IY"H see their new place later today. Checked out Dougies...still yummmmm....hung out with some friends, went to the OU office (Steve says hi to everyone, S&N he thinks you have a great kitchen) (R&V good luck, that's awesome ) (S&G glad to hear you guys are doing great) (M&D, so are you guys moving soon?) And maybe he'll be some help in the job world... we'll see, i'll let you know if his string pulling gets me anywhere...