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Saturday, March 31, 2007



Hope your birthday was fun!! We missed you at your party :)
Next year try and make it!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

open bottle of wine

Can someone please explain why an open bottle of wine is chametz???

Flip Flops

Hey all!
Just to keep you in the loop and wondering...... the baby turned!!! Woohoo, so now it's back to head down (assuming it doesn't flip again).
They canceled my scheduled C-section and now we just get to wait............
And I am sure this baby will keep us guessing. :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Some Czech:

Please/You're welcome: Prosim (PROH-seem)
Thank you: Dekuji Vahm (Dyeh-koo-yih vahm)
Hello: Dobry den (DO-bree-den)
Goodbye: Nashledanou (NAH-sleh-dah-noh-oo)
Yes: Ano (AH-no)
No: Ne (neh)
And now for an essential phrase you cannot do without in Prague:
Dam si jedno pivo prosim: Can I have a beer please!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hey Gol!!

Anything you need for Pesach from the US? My friend Yehuda is on his way here with his family on Sunday and has PLENTY of space.

Maybe Mother's margarine.


Could you please post the matza bagel recipe or e-mail to me? Thanks.

Oh, also the chocolate chip cookie this-hardly-tastes-like-matza recipe. Thanks.


Vee, this isn't the first time we benefitted from your need to shop. We have so many nice boys clothes to prove and now we'll have pesach food. Keepb shopping!!

He Placed!! (so far)

D just got home from today's baseball camp. There were originally 40 applicants for 15 spots. Ten weren't ask back for this week. Before this morning's game the order of best to worst were read out loud. (Oy, as a teacher) D came in at number 12. But that was before his slide into home plate as a runner, and his play at home plate, as catcher. Apparently, the ball went to the pitcher and the pitcher threw fast at D, who tagged the plate in time.

Czech Republic, here I come?????

Aviva Dina Zacks!

I don't think that was very you.
:) See you Wednesday!

Monday, March 26, 2007


hi to all da people!!!!
ok so first of all, my trip 2 ny was AMAZING and i wanna be skver. no veev, im not on drugs. CHASSIDISH PEOPLE ROCK!!! just they dont like me cuz i have red hair. so ill dye it! other news nothin rly is goin on. my boarder dad says hi. we're kinda in a fight now cuz he think that the US governments time thingy is more accurate then my phone. oh wait- now we're friends again. life in silver spring is so EXCITING! yeah. what else is goin on? i could be doing the dishes, my work, studying, i could be cleaning my room for chametz but no! im sitting here wasting my life writing on this wall. how does that make you feel? writing an article for our school newspaper about diet and exercise. i know NOTHING about diet and exercise, so its a pretty funny article. also i made a really awesome movie about Cyrano de Bergerac and if anyone wants to see it you can see mom cuz she has it! um...ANYWHO. so. yeah. life.
as you can see, not much is happening to me. my boarder dad has lots of ideas of things for me to do to make my life exciting, but for some reason, studying SAT math really doesnt cut it for me. my vocabulary is extensive enough, to fulfill my adolescent requirements. ergo, i feel that this endeavor is really quite worthless and i should wile my remaining years away at this technological machine (computer).
SO. in conclusion, i have no life.
love ya!!!

oh and im coming to detroit tomorrow night. party at moms!!!!

We decided to keep him

That, in short, was Shilo's pidyon.

To Keep Everyone in the Loop

D. is trying out for the national Little League team.
F. has Pneumonia in his right lung.
N. might need her tonsils and adenoids taken out.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


(shiras home today cuz she threw up last night, yael back in school today and ahrons got the runs, and i think chanalana is catching it too)

Natalie Will Have a Boo Boo

I felt like I should keep my title in the spirit of the last few so there ya go.
Ah yes, and now the story behind it.
Here's the official Keeping You In The Loop update!

I went to the doctor on Tuesday and BARUCH HASHEM the baby is healthy and I am healthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, as par for the course with this pregnancy, Baby decided to complicate things. When I woke up that morning I felt a very suspicious bump on the side of my belly and thought to myself wow, that feels like a head. But the baby is supposed to be head down so let's see what the doc says. Maybe I'm wrong.

The doctor did all the usual doctor stuff and then brought in the ultrasound machine because she said she didn't feel a head. Sure enough, when she checked with the ultra sound - that bump on my side was the baby's head. Then she looked around for the spine and the bottom parts. She found the spine facing down with the bottom parts tucked up nicely on top. No wonder I have been feeling feet in my ribs. :)

So, what does this all mean you may be wondering.

Well, normally they would try to manually turn the baby which from what I hear is really painful and no party. But I will never know because they don't want to do it on someone who has had a previous c-section. So they are going to let sleeping babies lie. :) Or however you want to phrase that.

And unless Baby turns by itself, they are going to do a scheduled C-section. Which is of course going to fall out on Pesach unless we can see if they will push it off to my due date. I will ask on Tuesday.

One more little piece of info and this has become my biggest concern ever since I have started accepting the fact that I will have to have another c-section. If the baby stays in the position that it is in now (transverse with spine down) they can't do the incision on top of my old one. Meaning on top of old scar tissue and most important on top of dead nerves. So less pain during recovery. That was a horizontal incision and they will have to do a vertical incision this time. BOO!! So a whole new area to be painful during recovery AND a vertical incision also means any future children will definitely have to be born via c-section.

So, if you could add me and baby to your davening it would be very much appreciated. We've got about 2 1/2 weeks for it to turn and ideally I want baby to be head down so I can try for a regular delivery but at this point I am even hoping for a breech baby so they can at least do the horizontal cut.

And now you are In The Loop!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

yaeli had a boo boo:(

Yael went to school today like every other day, she woke up didnt want to get dressed, didnt want to put her homework in her bag and didnt want to leave when it was time... but when she got to school and started davening, things didnt feel so normal. her morah called and told me yael fell over during davening but she had her back to hr so she didnt exactly see what happened, i asked did she try to sit and miss the chair, and morah said no she was standing and saying brochos, i said did someone knock her down and she said no they were saying brochos, so ever the caring father i told the morah to keep her in school and let us know if there are any other problems, so when devorah got home from exercising this morning i told her the story and she called and talked to yael who said, she felt real dizzy and then her body just fell backwards and she didnt know she was on the floor until her morah asked if she was ok and told her to stand up. HMMM, so devo called the doctor and the doctor called the nurse and they said we should bring her in to the office today, but not necessarily right away so they gave her a 4 oclock appt. and they also said that yael should not be in school but taking it easy today at her bubbies house. so ever the caring father i left for work and devo picked up sickly yael. fast forward 7 hours, ( thats like right then israel time) they go to the dr office and the dr says everything is B'H fine. she passed out probably from low BP but its normal range BP and there's nothing to worry about!
B'H devo got home with enough time to still make pizza for dinner

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I have a Boo Boo :(

In football practice (for spring season) the ball hit my finger at the tip and now it's all swollen. I can't be sure, but I think this is the one I sprained a few months ago, also at practice. I'm running upstairs to get some Arnica.

Yes I know, Ar, if it touched my fingers, I should have caught it.

Monday, March 19, 2007

dry wine

I learned last night that when I drink dry red wine I don't get that burning painful sensation in my right shoulder, it only happens when I drink sweet wine



Wednesday, March 14, 2007


hey sorry for hanging up on u, but my teacher walked in...
thanks for giving us the translation tho. it wasnt in any of our dictionries and we were kinda desperate for it lol
love ya lots!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Jonah singing

Here is a cute video of Jonah Singing - songs from his Nemo book. I can't tell yet if he has the awesome singing skills of a Zacks. For some reason it isn't posting the video here, so YOU will have to click on the link to see it.

Kfar Chabad

On a class trip with N's Chabad Gan to Kfar Chabad for Matza Baking this morning, I noticed this sign hanging up. Loosely translated:

"The entire village is invited this Motzai Shabbos and on, according to the words of the Rebbe, MH"M, for singing, dancing, and food."

I called over the Ganennet to ask her what the Roshei Teivot were. I was sort of expecting "Shlit"a". She said simply, and without explanation or apology, "Melech Ha'Mashiach".


Monday, March 12, 2007


im in a really good mood!!!
its GORGEOUS outside and i just filled out my registration for the ACTs and the SATs...and i decided that my 4 college choices (as of now) is Stern, U of M, Touro, and Wayne State....
i really wanna go to Stern though...that would be the coolest. anywho...

ShiloBlue at GMAIL???

Very funny. Can you at least send us the password so we can use the account???

Our Mishloach Manot

Oops, I thought I posted the picture of our Mishloach Manot that went along with our construction theme but I don't see it here.
So I am reposting.
They had a soda, cheese crackers, an apple, a PayDay candybar, and a Fruit By the Foot (thanks Sarra). Our poem was written on an Invoice.
Virtual Shaloch Manot to the out of towners. :)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Question for Shevy

You got Shaloch Manot from a couple of friends....Do they know that you don't live here anymore??


What do you listen to in the car all day?

my purim

hey guys!!! purim was awesome!!! the first night i was there, we went shopping for shalach manot stuff at like 11 something i think, and we're walking thru this tiny jewish store in boro park when i look up and- THERES UNCLE RICHARD!! so after my minor heart attack, we did the whole omg what are you doing here thing and then i called auntie cheryl from his phone and yadda yadda, it was pretty funny. anyways, saturday night we went to go hear megillah and it was pretty funny...the guy was like we're only making noise by the first 2 and last 2 hamans or something and someone yells why?!?!? and the guys like THATS JUST HOW WE'RE DOING IT!!! and then every time they said haman they would pop this cap gun thing or something and everyone would yell at them...funny stuff. after megillah the guys alll set off fireworks which is apparently illegal or something so that was also cool. anywho...what else...oh yeah, so i got in thursday night so friday the whole day i got a tour of boro park. first off, i have to say that boro park people are really rude. not all of them- but most of them. i said hi to EVERYONE- well not the guys cuz i didnt want to scare them but all the women and girls i said hi to or how are you or i just smiled at them- they ALL without exception just gave me a dirty look or something or they just completely ignored me and walked away. seriously man!!! ok so shabbos was good, i got to chill on ocean avenue and that was pretty cool and wtvr.... oh right!!!! guess what i found??!?! we were walking on 18th ave in boro park and we passed those little chassidish stores that i love so we walked into one and i saw a keychain with my name on it!!!!! batsheva!!! how cool??! so of course i bought it and now its on my coat zipper so everyone knows my name. it was pretty exciting ;) k...oh right so its monday morning, and we have to go home. we wake up at around 6:30 and race to port authority (the bus station) to make our 8:00 bus. alas, we get there at 7:55 and they wouldnt let us on. port authority people are pretty much jerks. anywho the next bus is at 10 and we have 2 hours to kill. so we're sitting in the waiting room and these 2 police officers come up to us and theyre like we need to take you up to our station to make sure your parents know you're here. it was pretty first they called arye and avivas house and no one asnwered. then they called my principal and HE didnt answer. so finally i figured they were and sim and goldas house so i called there....the rest of the story you all know :)
it was pretty exciting....
but now im home! and im so psyched to go home for pesach...i missed detroit this purim!!!
love ya guys

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Our Purim Theme

The job of being parents
is never quite done,
We started off quiet
with our number one son.

We decided this year
on a new little addition,
Ignoring the expenses
of diapers and tuition!

Please enjoy some "tools"
to celebrate our renovation.
We're so happy to share
our news and jubilation.

We promise we'll share pictures
when the "labor" is all done.
Purim Sameyach from
Shauli, Natalie, Jonah Z.
and soon-to-be plus one!

Monday, March 05, 2007

purim pics


For those of you who feel you didn't get to drink enough on Purim (or even if you did) I invite you to make a L'Chaim for my father's yarzeit.
His name was David ben Avraham (or Malka) and he has been gone for 10 years now....

May his Neshama have an Aliyah!

May we all be blessed with his zest for life and true happiness.
"Aizehu Ashir? HaSameach B'Chelko". That was my dad.


We, in America, had a very nice Purim Seudah BBQ - with a mixture of family and friends. The kids all had fun running around the adults enjoyed the food and company, and I'm sure some drinking - although no one got really drunk - Maybe out of sympathy for David who probably had to behave his year :)

There was plenty of food, thanks to Milaine who brought over tons of sides that remained from her Brochus party, and thankfully not many leftovers thanks to those who took the food home with them.

Jonah had more candy and junk in one day then he probably had in a month, everywhere we went there more treats, and I felt bad telling him no, when it was all around him. But every now and then I would throw in a "no" every now and then just so he knew I was paying attention.

I noticed that when I drink wine, my right shoulder really hurts, I remember once telling this to dad, and he didn't think there was correlation between my shoulder hurting and drinking wine, but I talked to a friend yesterday who said he gets the same pain.

I'll try and post pictures later, they havent been downloaded onto the computer

a suit??


I just saw some pictures from Blue's bris and I couldn't help but notice you were wearing a suit, whats up with that. I'm surprised you even on a suit.


the story.

The music was blaring, the kids were running wild, all was usual in the zacks house and then the phone rang......
Batsh wanted to know if mom and dad were here, I told her they were not so she asked if i could talk to the police officer!!! Uh Oh. So the officer asks if she is on her way back to school, so I said you know shes in new york and i'm not, but ya, she should be on her way back to school. Apperently they missed the bus and were hanging around the bus station for a long time and he wanted to make sure they weren't running away.
Ahhh A new Shev story. It's never boring to be Shev!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Shilo Tchelet-The explanation

To all who had to miss the Brit of my son. Here's the story. Firstly, his name is Shilo Tchelet.
The explanation I gave was as follows. Shilo was born on 7 Adar, the birthday of Moshe Rabbainu. Shilo was the place of the mishkan, and is now a city on the Palestinian side of the border. But to us, Shilo is always a part of Israel. In addition, Shilo in gematria is the same as Moshe. The brit was on Purim, and the Parshat Hashavua of his is Parshat Titzave. In Titzave the Kohen's clothes were made of many material, including Shany and Tchelet. So that's connection. Secondly, in the Megilla when the Jews were at the height of their power, it says Mordechai went out from the king in tchelet, etc. On a personal note, Tchelet for me symbolizes the return of Jews to Israel, as seen in the flag, on my tzizit, etc. We want our son to continue in our path here in Our Land.
Then I said a bunch of thank you's.

Mazal Tov to all the Aunties, Uncles and Cousins

Dav and Shany's new baby's name is
Shiloh Techelet!!!
Mazal Tov to everyone...

Saturday, March 03, 2007


my first seudah this purim was delicious, pizza and applesauce
can't wait for the next one, but its time to go to bed

Dad Agrees With Me

I just needed to document it.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

thanks mom

great break the fast MAPLE PECAN ROLLS!!!!