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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

cholent is hot

not hot like batch, but hot like fire. on shabbos we were eating at a friends house and ahron stuck his hand into my freshly served cholent, he screamed for about 45 minutes as we carried him thru the streets of southfield looking for someone who knows something about what to do. our dr was a sheva brachos, another dr was not home, and judy had some aloe that she put on him then we remembered another neighbor who is a nurse at the pediatricians office. she had silverol for burns and she put some on him , then we found our dr in the afternoon and she looked and said it looks ok. anyway his whole left hand looked gross and blistered and b'h it doesnt even bother him . so we didnt really get to eat the cholent!

ohhhh, my turn !! my turn!!!

Your "gym" is a skid mark on the underwear of society

anyone?? funniest movie ever

Friday, July 27, 2007



Thursday, July 26, 2007

gone and back already

hi everyone, devo and I ( and Ahron) took a short vacation to Chicago. we left wednesday morning and came back thursday night. mom and dad watched the other kids for us!
we hit all the major attractions, Ken's, Rumanian, #156 bus downtown, and Ta'bouns grill. this trip gets 3 out of 4 stars and is recommended to all that live in America. the reasons it didnt get 4 out 4 is; its a lot of driving and ahron doesn't fully understand the whole sleeping in on vacation thing. oh yeah, also the hotel we stayed at turned out to be in gayville.
have a good shabbos

The Spam

I just noticed our spam post only has 2 comments, so I am wondering why none of the spammer read our blog, tell us how much they like ouyrs and that we should check out theirs..any one else wonder this?

Welcome to the U.S. V and kids

Friday, July 20, 2007

My Turn

"You're funny. If you were only taller English and rich and a guitar player and older....."
"I'd be someone else."
"Good point."

Thursday, July 19, 2007

And the hits just keep on coming

I regret to inform you all of the passing of Hilda Minde, mother of Helen Stareshefsky, grandmother of Aviva Zacks, and Greatmother to Daniel, Ephraim and Nava.

I will keep you posted on related events, such as funeral, shiva, etc.



Wednesday, July 18, 2007

i talked to shlomo!!
haha, i beat shauli and yaakov...
and after the 9 days, i can get the song on the Loop. you have to have patience.
love ya!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

this is just a test

are the colonels underwear a matter of national security?


So I am doing a mommy camp for both my daughters, seperatly. One is eight girls and the other is five. So I finished both my days for one and I have one day left to do for the other daughter. Well, other daughter really wants to go to the mall and play in the arcade. Waste of money, so not something I usually okay, but you know it was with her friends and basically we are just trying to entertain the girls. One of the moms called and said she wasn't comfortable with the mall, it's not a dati place, its not appropriate for the nine days and its not chinuchi(they don't learn anything of value)Okay, so maybe we do things different, we are from America, but I told her I would respect the culture and if she isn't comfortable with it we will find something else. But this opens a whole new bag of worms, here a lot of dati people don't do lot of things, so what do kids do. If you don't let them do anything they tend to rebel and try everything anyway, isn't it better to teach them how to set parameters, how to do things a proper way. Or maybe they have a point, the mall isn't appropriate; different wave of thought now how do we use it in the best way possible.

Keeping you all in the loop...

I'll start with this. Everyone in this story is fine.

My littlest and I picked up Veev and the boy from the airport this morning. Our trip back to Modiin was uneventful. At the first intersection in Modiin I went through a green light. The woman coming from my left went through the light right before I did, and the driver behind her (as well as the driver) said that the light was not working. I broadsided her car. Both airbags deployed, and the car spun out of control.

Police were there within seconds to help manage the scene. We were taken by ambulance to a hospital in Ramla whose name I forget. Veev and I had chest X-rays taken. Veev also bruised her knee pretty badly, and it is currently bandaged. She also had an ultrasound. Our youngest had X-rays,and I believe the boy did too.

All X-rays were nagative, although all four of us are feeling very bruised, and you can see the seatbelt mark on several of us. That is, if you are looking under shirts. I don't recommend that though. It might not be appreciated.

Their were no injuries in the car I hit, and the chiloni woman kept saying how it was the nine days.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Shlomo, Welcome to the Loop

Friday, July 13, 2007

Quick Update

hey ya'll...

it's almost over :) I go home on Tuesday... well, home is pretty relative, as my lease ends at the end of the month. I have a new apartment to move into on the 15th... and Shlomo helped me find a place to stay for most of that time (I'll be dog sitting for people he knows)...
Shlomo came to visit me today :) I showed him all the places i've spent on the phone with him :) and he baked and brought me a yummy cake!!

Shabbat Shalom

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Banana Bread

Does anyone have an easy and yummy recipe for banana bread? I bought some bananas but they just aren't going to last much longer.
Also, is banana bread a dessert?
Once I make this banana bread, I have to figure out what to do with it because I don't believe the hubby will eat it and not sure if Jonah will either. If I call it cake - he might. :)


Monday, July 09, 2007

yesterday i was sitting downstairs on the computer and devo asked me what did i want to do today, i said why dont we paint the basement yellow, she took me seriously and today our basement is yellow! hopefully it will be brighter and the kids will go down there more often. i think we're going to have to add other color though, cuz it really looks like big bird got blown up and was spread all over the basement walls. (minus the feathers of course).
we'll keep you updated.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

A decade

Happy Decade Anniversary
Simmy and Golda

Friday, July 06, 2007

Hey Ya'll

Hope all is good out there in the real world. It's weird to be back in camp... but all is good. The situation is completely different than what i'm used to... my high-risk boy/girl watch them every minute and try to educate them just a bit have been replaced with cute little girls who want to braid each others hair and learn how to swim... No deep discussions about why/for whom/and for what we davven, no "so do you really believe there is a Gd" talks, not even any "we were just talking in her room" situations... No drugs, no drinking, no kids sneaking off... this should be a piece of cake and vacation, but somehow I just feel like something big is lacking...

Anyway, shabbat shalom to all ya'll

Thursday, July 05, 2007

DOCYAAK is the Winner!!!!

By 7 minutes. So far the only other people to even participate in this contest were Mom and Shu. And I didn't even need Mom's. The rest of you, it's 6 weeks until the wedding and my mother is stressing with a capital S. Please send me the addresses ASAP!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

OK, People. It's a Contest.

My mother asked me to get all Zacks' snail mail addresses so Mo's invitation can get to you all.

Please e-mail me your address even if you think I should know it by now. I will post the name of the person who gets it to me first. That's the prize. Bragging rights.


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

happy birthday my dear chanalana

happy birthday to chanalana
when we went to the hospital last night with chanalana at 10 pm last night i tuned to devorah and said the new residents just started this week so it might be a pain tonite here at the hospital. so then we thought for a minute and said we did this once before that we came to a hospital right around new residents coming in. and then we realized, it was chanalana's birth that it occured at.
well chanalana woke up last night at about 9:30pm scraming that her head hurt and then she threw up a little bit too, so we called the doctor who said take her to the ER immediately, turns out she probably has a virus and theysent us home after a urine culture cme back negative.. chanalana really liked making in a cup, now she only wants to make in a cup. and she only wants devo to hold it too!
she woke up this morning seemingly better until devorah took her to meijers and she proceeded to throw up, CLEAN UP IN AISLE 4!
well then she came home and is seemingly feeling better again and wasnts to go back to meijers to finish the shopping trip which came to an abrupt end, i think she'll stay home with me.

Monday, July 02, 2007