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Friday, February 29, 2008

Hap Birth T Nat

Today (2/29) is Nat Happy Half birthday, a day that only exists once every 4 year. WOOOHOOOOOO

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

yael's sick.(101.5F)
love us

Monday, February 25, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SH"T (shiloh techelet) its still his bday here for a few more hours, WE MISS YOU, COME HOME SOON

more on the diarrea diaries: chanalana has continued to empty herself of all liquids as she has finished expelling her solids. she also tried to expel things by throwing up or as they say bivrit haykee. needless to say there is a lot of handwashing and cleaning up. and this is all moms fault for leaving!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

we made it to final cut

Dad's car

I picked up Jonah and his friend the other day in dad's car. As they were getting in their seats, Jonah told his friend "My Zayde likes to throw garbage in his car"
It was very cute

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the grossest thing...

that has ever happened to me while working. no its not giving exams while the patient is on the latrine, or the half naked man who smells really bad or the patient who pukes on themself...
the grossest thing that has happened to me was yesterday when i got REALLY close to the patient (who was chewing his beakfast) HE COUGHED ON MY FACE
whats the grossest thing that has happened to you?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Next Birthday

I took Jonah to his friend's birthday party today. Bowling. He was awesome at it!
But not the point.
On the way home, I said to him, "Jonah, want to hear something crazy? We might be in Israel for your next birthday." And he said, "Oh yeah, that is crazy."
Then I started mentioning all his cousins that would be able to come to his party and how exciting that would be. And we talked about new friends he will make and he was wondering who our new neighbors would be. We talked about the fact that he will be starting at a new Gan and the teacher will speak Hebrew like his teacher does now AND all the kids will speak Hebrew too!! Then I started talking about the family again and who we will be able to see all the time and for Shabbas too. I start listing all the names and when I get towards the end, Jonah says to me,

"Wow Mommy, our house will be soooooo crowded."


winterfest 2008

today we went to southfield winterfest, unfortunately it was raining for most of it, so the outdoors things like making smores and ice sculpting didnt really work out so well. anyway it turns out the camera guy from the newspaper really liked shira because on two seperate occassions he came to me for her name, also i got to meet with the head of the parks and recreation dept and i had a few words with him about our neglected city park. he told me this spring there should be some work done and he would like to have a focus group meeting with my people. there was also a face painter and a clown and a big slide and arts and crafts and music and a hayride and some computer games like the dance game with the arrows, and a Wii, and i think the guitar game that joe zumaya hurt his pitching arm on. it was all free. the kids had a great time. i was also speaking with the director of the whole thing and he said he talked to the jerusalem pizza dude to have kosher food there but they couldnt find someone to sell it :(
anyway all else is good here. oh the rain today is supposed to turn into freezing rain tonight and topped off during rush hour with a nice coating of snow to cover all the ice.
have a good week everyone

Thursday, February 14, 2008

from devo's bubbie

KOSHER CANDY- A Jewish man was in a supermarket in Thornhill, Ontario. He saw a black woman trying to get her young child to put down a candy bar he had picked off the shelf. 'Latrell, you put that down! It's not kosher!' Intrigued, the young man decided to investigate. 'Excuse me, ma'am, are you Jewish? ''No.'' So why did you say that? ''Why? I'll tell you why. 'Cuz I see all them Jewish mothers saying that to their kids -- and it works, so I decided to try it.'

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bye Mom and Dad

Thursday, February 07, 2008

my AP english essay that i thought was good

Frantically, the mother tries to soothe her baby as its cries escalate to a piercing scream. A few more moments, she thinks, until her stop comes and she can feed him. She rocks him back and forth, tears of frustration in her eyes. Next to the hassled mother sits a young girl, studying for her math test. The problems and numbers swirl around her head, mixing with the wails of the baby. There are only two more stops until she has to get off and take her exam. She looks around the bus, sighing, and closes her notebook. Her eyes land on a yeshiva boy, here to learn in Israel for the year. He has a book in his hand, and he appears to be completely engrossed in what he was learning. Stretching, his kippah falls off of his head and lands on the newspaper the young man sitting next to him is reading. Apologizing, he takes it back and goes back to his studying. Scratching his nose absentmindedly, the young man readjusts his paper, his eyes flitting from headline to headline. He looked up as the loud sounds of rock music reach his ears. Looking across the aisle, he sees a teenage Israeli boy, music being pumped into his head by his ipod. The boy runs his hand through his hair, which is as loud as the music he is listening to, and looks around defiantly, as if daring someone to care. As the bus makes its way slowly through the winding streets of Jerusalem, the mother whispers little nothings to her baby and waits anxiously to get home. The school girl picks up her backpack, not sure she’s ready for a test she’s never going to take. The yeshiva boy finishes what he’s learning and closes his book with a satisfied smile on his face, thinking of the questions he will never get to ask his teachers. The young Israeli boy turns off his music, and for a moment there is complete silence on the bus. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, the man with the newspaper lets his fingers drift towards a button on his watch. He looks around, as if memorizing the faces of the people around him. Closes his eyes. Whispers a prayer. Smiling serenely, the suicide bomber activates his bomb. Praising Allah, he wonders who will hear the blast.

He didn’t need to wonder.

Everyone heard the blast.

August 10, 2001. Fifteen people are killed and about 90 injured in a terrorist attack on a restaurant in Haifa. Hamas admits responsibility. November 21, 2002. A suicide bomber blows himself up on a packed rush-hour bus in west Jerusalem, killing 11 passengers and injuring scores more. March 9, 2003. A bomb explodes in a crowded café in Tel Aviv. There are at least 14 dead, and 57 known casualties. June 19, 2004. Suicide bomber kills himself and 19 civilians in a bomb attack on a bus in southern Jerusalem. November 1, 2005. One person is killed and 21 are wounded by a bomb packed with metal bolts, which explodes near a bus stop in Tel Aviv.

Why are these lives, these souls, these tragic deaths reduced to numbers and statistics? How have we become so callous? These articles should shock us to our very core. They should twist our hearts and bring tears to our eyes. Instead, we turn up our music, check our email, watch our TV shows religiously and continue drowning in our alternate universe. Nothing can touch us here; nothing can hurt us, because we never take that moment to face reality. Never just freeze time for that one moment, and reflect on the mother who doesn’t even have a grave to memorialize her son with, because he got blown to pieces. Never think about that daughter who will never see her father again, because he was on the wrong bus at the wrong time. Wake up. Remember those lives that have been stolen cruelly. Remember those who were loved, who were cherished, and who died needlessly. If we forget, what was their purpose?


In detroit the 12 graders come in the classrooms ANd dance and sing for adar. Here the sixth graders are the biggest and we went into classrooms and sang and danced.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008





misha nichnas adar marbim b'simcha

see y'all soon
the DAD

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy Rosh Chodesh to everyone. We had a magnificent time skiing. Next year we should all do it again on Har Hermon. With all modesty I would like to report that I won an award at Crystal Mountain for being the oldest skier who didnt fall down even one time!. I would also like to report that the hot tub did not overflow this year. B"H"
At my chumash shiur last week we debated for over 20 minutes about the correct english phrase- does one say " Dress Warmly" or "Dress Warm". I told Rabbi Lauer to dress warmly and he corrected me. The final vote of the shiur was 6 to 1 against Rabbi Lauer but he wouldnt give in ( dangling participle ?)
I need an immediate answer to this question. When Adar comes in we increase simcha. does that also go on Adar rishon. I need to know by tomorrow morning because Im not sure how to behave . If Daniel can answer this question I would be very pleased
Have a great ROSH CHODESH
the DAD

ski pics

greens , blues and african americans (AA)

we had a great time skiing this week! ahron spent two days at a babysitter which he loved because he got to really spend quality time with his cousin sammy. chanalana strapped on some skis and was swooshing down the bunny hill like nobodys business, shira got off to a slow start because we got there a little late for the lessons so she was stuck with chanalana a nd jonah the first day but the second day she was skiing like a pro!, yael was going up the chairlifts and making friends with a girl named alice, who was in her ski group, ( like cool, now i have my school friends and my ski friends:) she started off some greens and then mpved onto the blues!) shauli and i started off on the easy side of things but by the second run we were onto blues and AA's.
devorah and natalie took lessons both days and both were shooshing down the mountains by the end of the trip. mom and dad will have to fill you in on their side of the story because they spent a lot of time on giggles and the like. we had enough food there to feed a lot of people for a long time however we only went for one night so lots of food came home too.
the ride home was harrowing, there was sleet to star which turned into rain and thunder and lightning and dense fog. the children were very screaming their heads off and i was very tired. you know those 12 hour drives from detroit to NY when you dont stop overnite? the last hour is like hell , well thats what the whole ride home was like.
but we had a grreat time, we even tried speaking to Batch but she refused to talk because we were having fun and she was just stuck in school and had to do work and stuff. have a good week

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Slow news week

Wow. Almost a whole week with no Loop posts. Must have been a slow week. Anybody have anything exciting to report?
Shavua Tov!