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Sunday, September 28, 2008





Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jonah's turn

Now it's Jonahs turn to be sick:(
He seemed to have fever last night bit woke up in good spirits and went to gan. Around 5:30 he sat on the floor and instantly fell asleep. Sadly, we had to wake him because we were eating dinner at a friends. My friend and I dropped Nat and the kids off at the house and went to Mincha. When we got back, Jonah was sleeping on their couch and all fevered up, he had a 39, which in America counts as a 102 :( but, as he did last night, he refused any medicine, we mixed it in his apple juice, he tasted it and refused. After dinner we went home, and put him to bed. He just woke up, it's around 12:15, and he's crying -but steadfastly refusing the children's Tylenol.
I tried to reason with him, I told him it's supposed to taste bad so that he only takes it when he needs it, but that it makes him better. but he didn't care. he spit it out. Finally, I t old him that if he didn't want to get better than I was going back to sleep. He seemed fine with that and went back to sleep.

bubby and zayde

dear bubby and zayde,

I miss u and brunch and detroit but most of all u. maybe u should cum back and visit this week.

P.S: ephraim misses u 2!!!!!!!!

the airport experience

last night the parents came BACK HOME! there was a member from each detroit zacks family at the airport eagerly awaiting their arrival . there was a slight delay in the (2 hours) flight which just added to the excitement of all the participants involved. i think it was a nice touch that each detroit fa,ily had a member there to greet them

Vomit in the morning

Jonah came into my room at about 5:00 and wanted to sleep in my bed, since my bed is barely big enough for me, and I was to tired to fight with him, I went to his bed to sleep.

Shortly after I was awakened by a weird sound, it was like liquid was being splashed, in my sleepy haze I wondered if Sammy had a siuppy cup or a bottle, I look over at him, and saw him lying next to a pool of something..moments later the smell hit me, barf.

I woke up Nat told her of the situation, and then I rolled back over to sleep. or at least that's what I wanted to do. I really cleaned up the mess, while Nat calmed Sammy down and put him back to sleep.

This morning, Sammy has awoken again and is in great spirits, and not feeling sick at all

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

this is what happens when 6 people have their mail sent to one address. i hope you're all happy. selfish selfish selfish, moving away and leaving all your mail here...

Monday, September 22, 2008

happy belated birthday dad, if you weren't so far ahead in time then i would have called but alas you are living in the future so i missed it. see ya soon


Nat bought some hot dog buns today which were called הלחמניה Ha'lachmania
On Pesach we say הא לחמה עניה- (this is the bread of our affliction) Which sounds the same, Ha'lachmania, as the hot dog buns

I wonder if the people who named the buns knew they sounded the same, it would seem weird to intentialloy named the hot dog buns, the bread of our affliction

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

mazel tov shlomo and sarra on your new niece !

Monday, September 15, 2008

toothless in america

Happy birthday (again) Jonah

Today is Jonahs Happy Hebrew Birthday !!!!
he is sharing a birthday party this afternoon, poor kid has never had a birthday party of his own, with Avi's daughter who also has a hebrew birthday today, and she was nice enough to let Jonah share in her day. As long as she got her own cake and candles.

Sammy was supposed to start his first day at day care, but woke up sick, so he is staying home with me today:(

Sunday, September 14, 2008


IN OTHER NEWS...i have maintained a fairly healthy aquarium for the last 2 years, we have had 1 case of ick and it was way in the begining of tank years. just recently i sold 2 rather large fish to a store for credit so i can fill my tank up again with osme smaller more docile fishes. they tested my water and told me th pH was way off and what i had to do to fix it. so i did. then i started refilling my aquarium with little fish. well now i have ICK again. i put in ICK medicine twice ,and nothing has happened, except my water turned blue. we have already lost one fish and i am sure we're about to lose a few more. i dont know what to do. but watch my fish slowly do the dance of death.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our pictures

Here are some of our pictures from the trip

Hi from Israel

We have moved into our new apartment, we need to get lots of stuff for it, like beds and closets and what not. Our lift isn't scheduled to get here until September 23rd - so much for it arriving in Israel before we do.

Today was kind of cool I davened shachris at teh Kotel and for Mincha I was in a grocery and they made an annoucement that it was time for mincha - there was a shul in the supermarket - that was something I've never seen before.

All in all its been a hectic first few days, but we are enjoying ourselves.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

and then there was one...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Pictures from the arrival...

These can be found at Jacob Richman's site I downloaded some of them for you...

Zacks' with the Ariel flags :O)

"More Zacks' in the Hooouuuse!!"

Newest Little Israeli Zacks'

Newest Israeli Zacks couple :)

Here are some more pictures from the site that we are in:

Happy Bday Shlomo!!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

It was very moving staying up ALL night and watching the plane land and all the people get off. Unfortunately, there were not so many shots of the Zacks clan. I need to see more pictures of all of you!!...Bubbie also watched the whole thing on her computer, while being linked to me through our web cams and AIM. We found Arye and Nava, and Sim, but no signs. Daniel was up against the fence (Ithink). My friend sent mea link to more pictures, but it didn't work either.
Love to you all, see you soon
Mom (Dad slept thru the whole thing)

I'm writing on dad's blog because I can't write under my own name.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Interesting Chasam Sofer

Greetings from Gulus

I heard an interesting d'var torah this Shabbos. There is always a remembrance done to commenerate a past galus. The holidays of pesach, shavuot and succot remind of of the going out of Eygpt. The Hebrew names of the months are Babylonian names to remind us of the babylonian exile. The question was asked of the Chasam Sofer what will be the reminder of this Gulus. ( everybody in Israel please sit down for this). He said- and I quote Rabbi Lauer- everyone will observe TWO days yom tov as a remembrance. So all you Israelites - dont make fun of our two days yom tov- we are just practicing for the meshiach.
Love DAD

Refuah shalama to Golda's Mom

Friday, September 05, 2008

Goodbye Detroit, we'll miss you

Yesterday we, along with Kwame, said our tearful goodbye to Detroit and flew to NY. Our last few hours in Detroit were filled with lack of sleep and stress and we frantically tried to finish packing. Once again, sorry about the mess we left mom :(

We are staying Brooklyn for shabbos, yet again validating the decision we made to never think about living in Brooklyn, and then Sunday morning we are heading to the airport. We have to be there at 11:00 hopefully Auntie Cheryl will meet there to say good bye and unload 7 pieces of luggage that she so awesomely met us at the airport and brouth them to her house.

As Nat said on the way to the airport its been a good run in Detroit...but it's time to move on


we went to a milchig wedding last night. we had a lot of fun and stuff.
they served a choice of fish or eggplant lasagna :(
i went to the kids table and had french fries and fake chicken nuggets :)
i deleted the scrabble game i was in the middle of with shu, i figured why keep it, but now my palm scrabble computer players name is SHU as a remembrance of the good scrabble games we used to play

Monday, September 01, 2008




(*"WE" = the Israeli Zacks')

Happy 4TH birthday JONAH!!!