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Monday, July 31, 2006

Not Israeli Enough

I had an interview today...didn't go so well. Apparently I'm not Israeli enough. I asked Naomi what I could do to become more Israeli and she suggested going to חוג עברית. She even offered to talk to me in Hebrew.

One Becomes Two

Now that Boston Zacks is officially DocYaak, I think Mrs. Formerly Known As Boston needs her own blog name.

the heat, the pool, and the mouse

today as i went to turn on the vaccum in the pool i noticed the mouse. its obvious as to what had happened though. you see the jews own the pool and they probably also control the weather so the jews turned up the heat to the mid 90s and then caused this poor simple mouse to come and and enter the watery oasis thereby cooling off and drowning at the same time. i removed the little rodent from the watery oasis and placed it gently in its final resting place on the other side of the fence. where it should cook today and tomorrow in the hellish heat wave we are having and be a nice cooked meal for a friendly bird or cat. or it will stay out there and get cremated.
so basically the jews are at fault for the mouses death.

Friday, July 28, 2006

good shabbos

i would just like to wish everyone at the KINGS hotel a good shabbos and a shavua tov. i figured just because nobody called to wish us a good shabbos before they're shabbos started doesn't mean we shouldn't wish everyone else a good shabbos before OUR shabbos started. BUT dont worry and think we didn't get our good shabbos wishes. we DID from aunt DD, bocasaba, and shu and nat.
i hope y'all are having a great time we sure are!
M&D - does the street by your house always flood, oh and i keep filling the pool with water??
enjoy the rest of you'r vacation

Monday, July 24, 2006

I'm now used to everyone leaving, well almost everyone, shu and nat aren't going anywhere soon except maybe to pittsburgh. so tonight our surrogate parents aunt DD and Unca harry came to our house with our newest sibling J. Sam for some easy going banter and pizza and fries. then we all went out for ice scream and this is where it gets fun. everyone was having a gay old time when suddenly JONAH who allegedly went tp the doctor today for an ear infection HURLED in dunkin donuts BUT (and heres the fun part) he turned onto shauli and proceeded to throw up, seemingly all 4 pies that were eaten at dinner, all over shauli. he did miss a little of shauli and got a little on the floor, so natalie called for a clean up in aisle 4. so it seems that a good time was had by all, well except for jonah. he didnt even get to finish his ice cream
enjoy the war we have jonah!

Home Is Where The Sleeping Bag Is

Amonst other names, it appears that July, August, Sept is moving season.

I signed on an apartment with Jessica this week. We're going to be moving about 7 minutes walking from where I live now.

S&G, who are currently in Bayit V'gan will be staying in my new place in August as I have until Sept 1 in my current place. .

A&V's new place is nice. i saw it today filled with boxes and popping packing plastic.

M&D will be residing in the OC.

D&S, as far as I know are staying still for the time being.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Absolut Saba

Yesterday, Bubby and Saba took out the local family for a goodbye lunch - they are on their way back to Florida today. Before they left Saba gave a nice parting gift 1.75 Litre bottle of Absolut Vodka.

I have two choices now, either exchange it for a bottle of Crown or start drinking Vodka : )

Monday, July 17, 2006

He's Coming Closer

A majority of Zacks siblings are in Jerusalem now, which I believe is one of the requirements for the Messiah to come.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

In The News! roommate just walked in and showed me that Simmy was written up in the newspaper, Haaretz. It is an article about olim holding jobs Stateside jobs via the internet. It is about his idea to run a medical program over the phone to Americans by US certified doctors. Kol hakavod Sim!

Reporting Live!

This is Sarra reporting live from Baka! Things have quieted down in this Jerusalem area. Just a few hours ago one knew Shabbat was over as TV's around the neighborhood were turned on. The noise was high level for about an hour, and then slowly started quieting down. Shavua tov, this is Sarra signing out...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ink Stains

Don't leave ink pens in the washer and dryer. It makes a BIG mess.
That being said - does anyone know how to get ink stains out of clothing? Regular washing does not work. And Spray N Wash (green bottle?) does not work.
What's next?
Also, is there any better way to remove the ink marks from the dryer aside from nail polish remover? It has really strong fumes.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

baruch atah b'voecha

WE HAVE MOVED IN TO OUR NEW HOME TODAY, OUR STUFF CAME AND NOW WE HAVE TO PUT IT ALL AWAY. and soon we'll leave the comforts of moms house... but first we need to sleep in for a few more days :)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Baruch Dayan Emet

Margot Guttman passed away over shabbos

Friday, July 07, 2006


wishing lots of many more years together

Thursday, July 06, 2006

New Names?

On the plane they asked us if we wanted to change our names. I explained what my maiden name was and that I had already changed it once for the better. And now that it's becoming three letters long, I'm certainly not changing it. But we did change D's name. He's now officially D.S.Y. Zacks. In Hebrew.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

hey! wutup? i dunno why i asked, its not like u can answer anyways. ok anywho, FIRST of all, i wanna publicly apologize 4 forgetting abt shu and nat. I LOVE U GUYS! k hehe second of all, arye and aviva and kids i miss u so much but whenever i look into my shower i'll remember you, so thats good. um yea so not much else is going on. jake and devo moved in, so at least its not quiet here again. im going to camp next week and u have to write me letters. but i dunno my address so yeah, ill post it on here when i find out what it is. ha guess what? im not a bais yaakov girl anymore. hehe im happy now. hehe. lol ok. anyways!! so nothin is really goin on, as u can probably tell. kk love all of u!!

Monday, July 03, 2006


when we left Detroit there was a family, some may have called the brady bunch, weekly brunches, bbq's, never forgetting a birthday or being able to say hi on a daily basis. someone always around to share thoughts laughings and unpolitically correct jokes. we made fun of the many because they were the few. we made fun of the mighty because they were the weak... and then WE LEFT. we had a plan to run away for 4 years and come back to the family that would have grown but stil stayed the same. we would once again return, I, the young doctor, and Devorah, my lovely doctors wife. with our beloved children, whom sometimes we wish were with y'all in the far middle east. (like while we're in transition, and they are crazy all the time). and then the unthinkable happned simngolda decided to jump ship. they made their crazy move to a mountain side village where they can wake up to a sunny day on top of the clouds and then find out its a cloudy day. and then sarra made up her mind to leave us for good, not just NY NY anymore but gone to the the land of simngolda. and then David decidesthat not only will i live there but i'll also play army boy for a little bit. just remember, as my momma used to say to me and i say to my own children, its always fun till someone gets hurt. well now arye and aviva have left but they couldnt wait till we got here because that would ruin everything. you see they had to leave before we got back that way its STILL MY FAULT EVERYONE LEFT. If only we wouldnt have left, we would still be one big happy family living in 1 square mile radius
well, i cannot sit here and tell you i dont feel somewhat responsible for the demise of the detroit zacks mishpacha as it was once known, and i guess my little section of the family was truly the center that held it all together. the mitzvah glue, and when we left the glue unstuck and the rope unraveled, and now all that is left in this town is a few scattered zacks' there were north and south going zacks and east and west going zacks but now there are just a few good men left in this town. THE PROUD. I commend the current detroit zacks' on their stability and integrity to realize that they should be here and not there. and we will continue to speak for the trees, we will have BBq's, brunches and bat mitzvahs( and a bar mitzvah too). we are losing one of ours to schooling and that is not acceptable either but again that decision was made prior to our return.
the real reason i'm writing this is to let you all know that we have just come back to detroit, we are at moms house for a week or so and then into our new home, and that now that we're here Y'ALL CAN COME BACK NOW!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

I miss...

Baby Jonah. Ha Vivah!!!!


we miss you tons

P.S. how do i change my name,
The Blogger Formerly Known as...