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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Arrival information

So for those that don't know Nat and I are leaving the states on Sunday September 7th and landing on the 8th. If you can make it to the ceremony here are the details

September 7th 2008 – EL AL Flight LY 3022 departing Sunday September 7th at 2pm from JFK Airport, arriving at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv on Monday September 8th at approximately 7:40am.

There will be a welcoming ceremony at Ben Gurion airport upon your arrival, which will be approximately one hour long. This ceremony will take place prior to processing of your government paperwork. To register your family and friends to participate in this ceremony, please click on the following link:

If you have any questions, please e-mail



we r 4 1 and 1.
we came in 3rd out of 8 in our first tournament then we won today against czech republic. i had a double and a single against czech

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

shabbos to be in riverdale

devorah's brother pinny (and melissa) had a baby boy last shabbos, so we are goig in to NY for habbos to the bri. it will be in riverdale and we are hopefully taying at the Tommy kohn's residence although noone will be home :). this of coure is all thanks to dovid who hooked us up. but this is also contingent on them getting a hold of shloimy who's in yeshivah or something and has the only key to the house, brfor he leaves town tomorrow. if they dont catch him then i guess we're not going? im not sure but in any case we will hopefully be going to ny for shabbos, so everyone that was gonna call us to wish a good shabbos should either do so early thursday or on our cell phone, i know none of you israeli's call us to wish a good shabbos but maybe uncle leonard does

Hey Uncle Leonard welcome to the Loop

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

2-1-1 so far

The Israel National Team has won two, tied and lost one each.

In the wins, they took it first 12-0 and second 17-1. Ar tells me that D has been playing well and made a nice catch in left field today.

They have another 2 games in this tournament and then move on to the next city for the next tourney with other cities.


Dr Belen and I were learning a g'mera this morning which resulted in a battle over statistics. Question; If 5 people have 5 objects in front of them and only one object is appropiate to each person. Each person has a 20% chance of picking the correct object. Dr Belen said that before anyone picks -there is a greater than 20% chance that at least one of the five will pick the appropiate object. I said NO. After the first person picks, the second person has 4 objects left to choose and the appropiate one may already have been taken so there is a less than 20% chance of at least one picking the appropiate object. Who is right?

The g'mera was talking about 5 men who didnt know who there parents were but did know for sure that each had one brother. All 5 men married and died childless and their 5 wives fell to yibum but no one brother knew which woman feel to whom. Common senario in Detroit.

Monday, July 28, 2008



ARRIVING ON SEPT 11 AND LEAVING ON SEPT 24. (shhh DONT TELL BATCH- she doesn't want any parental fiqures marring her yr in Israel) We hope to spend time in Maalot- Modiin-Jerusalem and ARIEL. TO ME IT LOOKS LIKE 4 BBQ'S-

Friday, July 25, 2008


I'm going 2 Italy on Motzei Shabbos/6 A.M. to play baseball. We have 2 B at the airport at 3 A.M. On our first day there we're getting settled in. On our second day we have a triple header (yes, 3 games). On our 3rd day we have 1 game and on our 4th day we also do. Attached is a link 2 the website.We are in Raggazi. Then we have only doubleheaders. 

P.S. I wont c any of ur comments 4 a week and a half

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lift troubles

Our lift is scheduled to come pick up our stuff on August 6th, which is perfect because our renters are coming in on the 12th.

We just found out today that our stuff will arrive in Israel in the first week of September, and we have 4 days to clear customs or we get charged a lot each day.

There are a few problems here.
1. We don't arrive in Israel till the second week of September
2. We planned on living in a temporary (free for the first month cheap for the second) apartment for the first two months. We had heard from others that it takes forever for the lifts to arrive.

I had some thoughts of rectifying the problem
1. We see if we can move our Aliyah date back to August 12th, then we get in before the lift, have the free months rent and look for an apartment.

2. See if we can rent an apartment starting when we get there. The problem here is that it would have been really nice to not pay a lot in rent for teh first two months, since I'm jobless:(

3. See if we can push back our shipping date, which will mean keeping all our stuff somewhere in our house, for the most part it won't be a problem, except for our couches. I don't know what our renters are doing about furniture, but if theyhave couches, their isn't much room for 2 sets of couches. Unless, we put it in the office.

I think that is the situation in a nutshell, hopefully it will be resolved soon. I'm pretty sure option 1. isn't going to happen.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

more than just another zacks leaving

our beloved green chair has, i think, just broken beyond repair. it came into our family in early 2000 and has faithfully served us and our deriers f0r the past 8 years, from rue versailles apartments to boston and back to our current home in southfield. everything seemed fine until the latter part of boston when it just didnt have the oomph anymore to open fully, and then soon after, one of the screws cracked in half. luckily we had the formans to bail us out and jeff came over with a scew cutter and metal sander and we patched ol green chair back together again. but alas, nature is an evil beast and back on michigan soil, once again ,we noticed the oomph was gone, the leg rest just didn't flip out like it used to, so a new screw was placed where the boston screw had been. but this latest breaking i fear is too much for ol green chair to handle, as not the screw broke, but the metal bar that surrounded the screw, that served as that particular screws home. now the chair can't even sit straight anymore, it moans when we sit on it and tears are streaming down it short yet once sturdy legs. to all of our family and friends that have had the pleasure of feeling its great green softness envelope their bottoms and hug them as they sank into the big green chair. it wants you to know that one day it hope to once again to be able to cuddle and love the way it once did in the past, in better times, but if it unable to do so, it also wants you to there will be another big chair in its place to take care of your bottom

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Vatik

We have passed over an invisible line in our Oleh status. Yesterday, I caught D speaking Hebrew with a Dover Anglit.

It's a good thing. :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

from the mouths of babes

After he got out of the bath, Jonah touched his nipples and then said to Sammy, when you get older you can drink milk from my nipples.

We told him that boys don't have milk in their nipples and he asked the age old question...then why do I have them?

Ely's Wedding

Dad and I had a wonderful at Ely and Heni's wedding!!
It was very labadek and a lot of fun. I think there were more Detroiters there, or people with a Detroit connection than the other side!!
Both chatan and kallah were glowingly happy. Ely beaming everytime Heni came around at the bedecking.
Just wanted to let everyone know. I sent him everyone's best wishes, and he was genuinely happy to receive them. He did acknowledge Sim's trying to get ahold of him.

Sheva Brachot are here for Shabbat and we will participate in Friday night's gala seudah.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


We had a very nice Shabbos. How was yours?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

wooden swingset

after several years of watching the ol' wooden swingset look sadder and sadder, i went out and restained and waterproofed it. parts of it look like new now, parts of it i didnt do. in other news i went to the the COPA and watched the beloved tigers for the whole 5th inning. yes i stood outside on the ledge with my fellow hoeless folks and watched the inning. it was pretty cool then i had to finish seeing my patients so i left my card with all the homeless dudes and went on my way. they ended up losing because JONES cant pitch for nuthin.
anywhoo also the ridiculous TITTLE BROS construction company FINALLY came and fixed my cracked patio which they put in last year. anyone who is thinking about using them...don't. i know everyone is like so we live in israel and we dont even need a patio and israel is so cool and whatever well dont use them anyway!
also mom in law is in town for the week woohoo!
have a good day y'all and a good shabbos

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


i started learning 4 my bar mitzva parsha 2day.

Friday, July 04, 2008


how come no 1 is ever on isnstant messengeror yahoo messenger? i have both. the only amily membersthat r ever on r yaakov, shu, shlomo, and sarra. cmon. i wanna talk 2 people besides my riends.And btw im getting acebook soon i i do well in my 1st month at yeshiva


I learned something new...

This week I went to the zoo with Shlomo and I learned something I had never known before. Ya'll ready for this... olive trees are part of the evergreen family. huh...who knew..ok, Shlomo knew, but who else :)
What did you learn this week?

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Last night around 10:00 my XBOX died. She was 5 years old, and leaves behind me and Jonah and sometimes Nat

Switching Kippas (yarmulkes)

today was a very good day. it started when my mom and i went 2 the bank 2 check in birthday checks. then we got pizza. then we went 2 the mall. there i got two playstation games,  nhl 08 and fifa 08 (soccer). it was buy 1 get 1 free. then on our way out we saw a kippa store. yesterday, during emergency i got a tigers kippa. today we decided that i needed an extra 1. so we switched from my charedi one. by the way the playstation games r awesome.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008 it is...

summer is.... good.
camp is....exhasting?
life is...normal.
i think im liking how this is all turning out.

so heres the question.

college in america or israel?

Attack in Jerusalem

hi y'all, apparently there was an attack by an arab on the street that me, sar, and mom were on at the same time as us. we r all ok though. if u wanna read about it the links r:
yahoo: Driver rams bulldozer into Jerusalem cars; 2 dead
Arutz sheva
Bulldozer-Terror Attack Death Toll Rises to Three

shu and nat this is no where near ariel.