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Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's not just you, Shev...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dear Kayla,

Happy 2nd!
מזל טוב
PS - enjoy the terrible twos...

No Longer Frustrated :)

I finally was able to watch one of Yaakov's videos! I kept getting error messages. After about a 2.3 second google research session I discovered they need to be played using Quicktime, not Windows media player :) cute baby! looks & giggles kinda like mine :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010


ahron was having "man problems" this morning, and he was told to adjust himself. after some minor adjustments he was losing hope at ever getting comfortable. he told his mommy that it would be a lot easier if he a girl tushie as he wouldnt have all these problems. his mommy tried to convince otherwise but she's not sure if she was that convincing.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Parent-Child Bowling Article

Pages 10 and 32-34. Enjoy!

Piggybacking on Yakovs story

(because it's to long for the comment section)
Last week I was very tired, and I fell asleep on the couch at around 8:30ish, I opened my eyes at 9:15ish and told Nat, who was sitting at the computer that I was heading to bed.

I woke up the next morning feeling very refreshed, and Nat asked if I got her text last night. Confused, I said what text? She said I texted you not to wait up for me, Even more confused I said, I told you that I was going to sleep. Nat had a look of surprise on her face, she said don't you remember what happened right before you went to upstairs. You woke up because the phone rang, so and so was in a car accident and so I told you I was going out to help.

I have no recollection of this conversation at all. So I checked my cell and sure enough there was an SMS from Nat that said "In case you are still up, don't wait for. I am at their house so they could go to the police station"
I think that would have freaked me out had I woken up and seen that text, having no idea who "they" were and why "they" went to the police station

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

this morning devorah told me she was mad at me , i asked her if it was something i did in her dreams or if it was real, she told me when she went to feed yehuda for feeding #1 the comnputer woul=dnt work right so she came into the room WOKE ME UP and i told her basically i didnt care and what does she want me to do about it. now i have absolutely no recollection of any of this whatsoever. who needs to apologize to whom?

What I do

For those who wonder what I do here is a nice sample. One of my main tasks is getting websites to place a link on their site to my casino. I have to write the ad to fit the site .Here is an example of one, next to a description of a pacman game, I advertise the casino. (to see it better you can go to, just a warning, if you play the pacman game, the ghosts are really fast. I was able to get passed round 1 but that was all.)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Who are these people

If they are avid readers of the loop or relatives who I should know, than I apologize, but I can't figure out who these people are.

Dear Fellow Jew,

Even though the current economic situation is very tough for all of us, we
turn to you for help for a Chosson who just recently got engaged. His whole
life nebach has been one of great tragedy, his parents were divorced when he
was still a young child and when he was just eighteen years old his mother
was a passenger in a car that was involved in a major accident and
unfortunately died as a result of the injuries she sustained.

Due to his family situation he had no other choice other than to join the
army, and now at the age of twenty-eight after many years of hardship and
great difficulty he has finally found his zivug.

We trust you won't turn him away in his time of greatest need.

Please send donations marked 'Hachnosas Kalloh' to the address below.

On behalf of him and his family we offer you our heartfelt thanks.

Send Donations to:
Buckingham Palace,
Buckingham Palace Rd,
London SW1A 1AA,
United Kingdom

Sunday, December 12, 2010

chanukah in Sfld

it took me a little bit to post the pictures that we took (dad and I), but here they are.

I did make donuts for all at our party.

I did make latkes at Fleischman Assisted Living residence. I was in a latke smack down, as Janet called it and I did well, but not 1st place....

kmart sucks

i went to kmart to buy batteries. there was a cdoupon in the kmart circular this week saying the batteries wer 5.00 USD. i picked up the batteries went to the checkout and handed my coupon over. the lady swipes the coupon and says sorry it aint good. i said excuse me? its your coupon from your book which i picked up in your store. so she said well it doesnt take it. i said can you override it and she said no so she had to call someone so in kmart they dont use the intercom to call someone they just holler across the store in order to get someones attention. someone comes over after several hollerings and looks at the coupon and tries to figure out why the stupid coupon wouldnt work then a 2nd cashier comes over to add her 2 cents. so there are several people looking at the coupon and the batteries well the coupon says 4 batteries how many are in here hmmm 4? yes and it says its good for duracell and these are duracellhmm abnd what size are these. ( now mind you the coupon says every size s usable with this coupon) so i pointed out that the letter in the corner of the package is the size of the battery and not just the letter of the abc they randomly decided to put on that particular package. so this 2nd person swipes the coupon and tells me it wont take, i asked her to oiverride the system and she told me she couldnt . i ased why we would call her to "help" if she couldnt so we called for a third person. this third person was explained the situation by myself in possible a curt manner and i asked very nicely if she can override the system which she said she shouldnt because obviously ts a bad coupon or the product is wrong because otherwise it would work but she'll override it for me this one time. when i looked at my receipt instead of giving the batteries for the price of 5.00 USD the moron took off $5.00USD of the price of 6.00 USD so i ahd to pay 1.36 USD. so to sum it up 2 cashiers two managers later i walked out paying 1.36 for 5.00 batteries thank you kmart for your absolute ineptitude

Saturday, December 11, 2010

here are the updates you lazy people

it is now two days post chanuka (3 days for isralei's). here is what has happened since our last post. we lit more candles, we had a dreidel party with bubbie and zayde (and jellybeans), we finished lighting candles and cleaned up most of the menorah's. sim came home. shany came home, daniel went on a trip, naomi had a gesher this last friday, shauli had shwarma on thuhrsday (it wasn't as good as ariels but it was decent) sarras new kids name is chaya not chani! batch was home for shabbos PJ PARTY! (but she doesnt read this anyway) we got some snow and then it melted but we should get some more tonight or tomorrow. i beat devorah in Blokus, devo beat yael in battleshipo and yael beat shira . so if A+B=C i can beat shira in battleship
have a shavua tov, get ready there is a Taanit coming up this friday
as i am putting my children in bed tonight ahron came out of bed and said chanalan says 6 +5=11 but daddy said last night that 1 and 1 is 11 chanalan is lying. so i had to explain that we were both right!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

the gala zacks family chanukah party

unfortunately, some of you couldnt make it to this years gala zacks family chanukah party, so here are some highlights

Yaakov, I apologize for the delay

Saturday, December 04, 2010

in our country, when there are forest fires and we have a party and people are sick, we always blog immediately after the party to let the people in other countries know how it went. sometimes we post pictures and sometimes we post just words
our party is tomorrow night... we do not have any forest fires though, and we are all feeling bh fine...

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Happy Chanukah

It just wouldn't be Chanukah without the Miracle of the Maccabbes