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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


It would beso nice if moving could go smoothly. I guess I can't complain because our move to Israel did go pretty smooth, despite anyone sleeping on the plane. But I will complain, because this is so frustrating. Not only is she not out of the house yet, but people are coming by on friday to pick things up and the contract says she has till the first. We did pay early with the agreement we get it by friday, but that does not seem to bother her. And its mamash a mitzah so how can I complain (she said that).
On top of it, how do you get rid of a rat!! yuck! I am not living with a rat! So the exterminater is coming back tomorrow morning, but the kids aren't allowed to sleep upstairs till sun.
Man oh man, I hope it gets easier here on out.
Once we have all the chinks worked out the doors will be wide open.

whats up

Hey all,
So here's whats new, Jonah is walking all over the place, and he has more hair now then ever before. also he finally sleeps through the night. His bedtime has been moved from 8:30 to 9:30 because he told me he is tired at 8:30

I (Shauli) am having my wisdom teeth taken from me on Friday, I only look forward because then the headaches will go away.

Nearly a month after her birthday I finally gave Nat her gift. I had our Ket(s)uba framed, and she likes it a lot and now we have to figure out where it goes.

As far as Yom tov goes, We will in Detroit untill the second days of Succos(t) then it's off to the St Louis for shabbos (at) and the final days of yom tov.

Here's a weird story from work. I get an email from a reporter saying that she was at a board meeting, and heard that our program, was approved was approved by the Hazel Park board could i answer some questions That was the first I had heard that we were approved so I called Hazel Park to double check. We were approved but they want refernces from other places that have worked with us before they talk contract.

We don't have any schools that are under contract and operational, in Pittsburgh we have a bus company Simmy suggested that I have him call the bus company passed that idea to Brian, he said it might work, so he's checking with the bus people to make sure its OK with them. so thank you simmy for your idea.

And that is what is going on here

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Aliza's here!

That's all...

Sunday, September 25, 2005


If any of you have heard or are telling people about my supposed "reason" not to move to Israel, please see my most recent blog. I would like to Set the Record Straight.
Thank you.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

long time no post

hey guys
first of all, let me tell you a scary story that happened to me. so i'm walking back from milaines, and im on hilton, and its right after a huge rainstorm. by the way, i walked to milaine's hosue in the rainstorm so i was soaking anyways. anyhow, the street was flooded but i decided 2 run thru the water because why not? after i was halfway through, i realized that the water was halfway up my legs and this wasnt working. so i stood there, in the middle of the street, in teh middle of a lake, trying 2 figure otu where to go. suddenly, a car comes up behind me and sprays me w/ water all over, drenching me. i jumped, surprised, and slipped. i fell down in the water. and i was sitting there. in the water. in the middle of the street. it was traumatizing. i called all my friends and told them after. they all laughed at me! including'd expect mroe support!! even mom laughed at me...i guess the driver of the car must have thought it was funny.
i had to write a speech about myself for public speaking. im gonna put it up here cuz its funny- tell me what you think!!
It was a cold morning. The kind of morning where you just want to lie in bed. Unfortunately for my mom and dad, I decided to be born that morning. 8 oclock, January 8, 1991. Since then, I’ve always hated waking up at 8. I was a gorgeous little baby, born with orange hair. On the block, I was known as the orange baby. To my cousins, I was known as Sheva Brachos, and to my family, I was known as Pebbles. I was born into a family of 5 brothers and one sister. She was excited when I was born, because she would have a girl to talk to.
A couple years passed, and I started nursery. I hated nursery. I remember being SO excited because I brought a Barney towel for rest time. Turns out, Barney towels were on sale and everyone had a Barney towel. It kind of ruined nursery for me.
Pre1A- The first day, my teacher called my mother to tell her that I didn’t know how to say my name, that it was Bas Sheva, not Batsheva. I didn’t like her from then on.
Then came first grade. I hated first grade. I was a cute first grader, with long hair that I’d never cut in my life, young and naïve about school. That was the year I found out the real truth about it. Also, I cut my hair for the first time that year. I’d describe it as traumatizing. That was first grade.
I don’t remember second grade. I figure if I don’t remember it, it can’t have been that bad.
Third grade was the year my sister graduated. I missed her because she didn’t bring me Slurpees at lunch time anymore. I think third grade was when I stopped being cute.
Fifth grade…lets just say it was interesting.
We were so cool in sixth grade- our own hallway for hanging out. Sixth grade wasn’t so bad. It could’ve been worse.
Seventh and eighth were basically the same…we were so cool. We thought we ruled the school.
Then came ninth grade. High school. Some issues, nothing me and my friends couldn’t deal with. A couple suspensions, detentions…I passed ninth grade somehow, and came to tenth.
I can’t tell you about it yet, because its still happening. Look me up next year though, and I’ll let ya know how it went.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Deli Roll

I've had a lot of deli roll in my day. I don't remember the first time I had it but I do remember when I fell in love with it. OK I don't remember when, but I remember where. It was t Simmy and Goldas house, in America, before they abandoned us. Golda made a killer deli roll. Today I make my first attempt at deli roll, and I can only hope that it lives up to what I expect from it,

Thursday, September 15, 2005

double buckling

does anybody have a problem with kids being double buckled for carpool for a five minute drive. not just one or two kids but all 7 kids in the 5 passenger vanm would be double buckled (except for an infant)
what are your thoughts? and should we get out of this carpool?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Surprisingly Upbeat

Name that movie for 2 points.

So, work is great. (Oh, I was told in July that they couldn't pay me for June, July, August, Sept, and Oct. Then about three weeks ago there was the program scare that they were going to pull the funding for the program. I spent two weeks first fighting for a meeting, preparing for the meetings, and having meetings about the importance of the program, and the financial gain for the organization to invest in this program. I won. I started here again on Sunday. I'm working on recruitment, calling america and finding out about funny sounding ticket packages like VUSA)
Moved apartments. (So, our movers didn't show up three days in a row. Jessica was in a cab complaining to the driver about how frusterated she was about our stupid unreliable movers and he said he has a friend with a truck they can move us. We were going to pay $500, Jess got these guys down to 650 shek. Five hours later they decided that was not enough, and 950 shek was more fair. Hmmm....)
Apartment is clean. (Clean from the grime that was on the floor, cabinets, closets, mirrors, walls, and off course the dishes and pots. Clean from bugs who have been trying to live in our apartment, survived the RAID I shot at them, but couldn't handle the exterminator who came yesterday. Clean of insecacide, that the wonderful exterminator sprayed everywhere.)
Internet will be hooked up. (They are supposed to come put in a phone line Sept. 20th. I'll let you know how that goes. That is the reason I have not been online, or blogged in a while. My roommate has internet, but her router can't be wireless, and our routers arent' so compatible, and she works from home American hours, and then goes to sleep with the computer in her room - but I'm otherwise always welcome to use it...)
and AVIVA IS COMING! (yeah!!)



We are in America. Flight was very Araby, I sat next to lady dressed in black with her head covered and everything who only spoke Arabic. The kosher meals were horrible. Movie selection was good. Except they delete scenes, not just sex ones, but fighting ones. So I missed the scene in Hostage where a guy immolates himself. Yesterday was very cool. we had a bachelor party for Cuzin Hillel (son of Aunt Susan) . We went to play paintball. So I left Shan with the suitcases in Jerusalem, andwent to Ranana, played paintball, then we hung out drinking beers and chilling til around 2AM, and then one of the guys drove me to the airport. Meanwhile, my eshet chayil had to take the luggage herself in an evil nesher and go thru check in and all that by herself while her husband was out having fun. So a big round of applause goes out to My Eshset Chayil. So to all of you American Zacks' (or "not-yet-Israeli-Zacks') we will , b'ezrat Hashem see y'all soon.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Jonah's Party

Today was Jonah first birthday party..he shared it with his girlfriend Noa Pergament, it was a crazy party, held in a gymnastic center, so kids of all ages could tumble and jump around. Jonah seemed a bit lost at the start, just staring and watching everyone else, but then he started playing. after an hour of gymnastics the party moved into the back room where all the junk food was. While everyone was eating there was slide show of the two kids growing up, some cute pictures of the two of the them together and not so together. It went on a for a while, perhaps a bit long. I gave a short little speech thanking the women for their hard work, as did AP. It was a little more like wedding then a first birthday party, but it was a lot of fun, and more importantly Jonah got some new toys and clothes to help get him through the next year. Hopefully one day hell have a birthday and the whole family can attend (except I guess Simmy who will never ever under no circumstances leave Israel, but maybe he'll send his family in)

Friday, September 09, 2005

Going to Israel

After much deliberation and a little help from my family, I am going to Israel next week for my cousin Hillel's wedding. Just me. I'm flying out Tuesday night with Aliza and coming home Sunday morning. I will probably have time to only buy Gummy Worms (and more gum, of course), so no tablecloth and skirt orders, please.

More details later... Good Shabbos!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sick boy

Well Jonah is sick, for really the first time. I mean he has had some minor sicknesses, but Ive never seen him like this. He just looks really depressed, maybe its because he just turned 1, and is realizing that he's getting old, I don't know, I can't read his mind.

He was fine this morning, and then he came home from a playgroup, took a nap, and woke up with a fever and went right back to sleep. He slept on and off from 12 till 5 then he ate a bottle and up didn't like it, so he threw all 8 oz up on me. And as I mentioned he looks depressed. Mom said it's called lethargic, he just sits and stares. It's so sad, because usually he doesn't stop moving. I hope he gets better by Sunday, or he may miss his own birthday party. Maybe we'll put him in an enclosed glass cage, (with breathing holes of course) This way he can be at his party, but he wont disease the other kids. We hope it dpesnt come to this, and he gets all better by teh time he wakes up.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005



Sunday, September 04, 2005


ALL RISE. docket # 769254 Zacks V. ALL is now in session.
we finally won! for those of you who don't know this (israelis) we were in a battle with ALL laundry detergent, as their All w/ bleach alternative was 'bleaching' some of our shirts. when i called them on this they said there was no bleach in their product and in fact it was almost exactly the same as the regular ALL. so i said nevertheless, my shirts now have bleach stains whereas they did not have them before when we used regular ALL. so they told me it was not a bleach stain but an optical brightening, and if i wanted the whole shirt to be the same optically bright color i can soak in their product for a certain amount of time.... but i then informed them i actually didnt like the optically bright color and i really purchased the shirts because their dull drab color and if i wanted a different color shirt i would have bought it. so they said well who said it was our product so we proved it was their product the evidence was clear (crystal) and so we had to send them a shirt that was ruined and the bottle of ALL that ruined it. we sent it, they tested it as well and confirmed what we had known all along. their detergrnt ruined our shirts. they tried to use all the tricks in the book and they used big words like optical brightening, washing instructions, water temp, and fabric softener but it can't take you away from the facts of this case. our shirts were ruined and ALL laundry detergent ruined them! these are the facts of the case and they are undisputed. so first they sent a $7 check for the bottle of ALL that we were unhappy about. then they sent us a letter saying they'll give us $100 for 4 shirts that need to be replaced but i have to sign a release form and have it notarized. that's where we are standing now in this newly almost resolved dispute.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Breaking News!!!!

Jonah has learnt how to walk ON HIS BIRTHDAY!!! That's right, he walked across the room, and we have video evidence.

He might not be able to stand up withou something to grab on, but once he's up, he can walk

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Haaaappp biiiirthday dear Jonah
happy birthday to you

Wow he's one, that's pretty cool. I asked Jonah what his favorite part of last year was. Being born would have to be up there he said. Also meeting his family and friends, and going to a couple of ball games with his mommy and daddy.
He liked Israel, he met so many relatives that it was hard for him to remember them all, but he figures it's their turn to come see him next time

There are some memories he'd rather forget, like falling off the bed, having diarrhea for a month, and some of the shots he got. But all in all it's been a pretty cool year for him