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Thursday, February 24, 2011

My run-in with the law

The other day, I had just picked up Jonah from his soccer chug, I was getting in the car when David called. We were, as usual. sharing some deep important philosophical insights, and I headed home. A minute or two later I noticed a motorcycle had pulled up beside me and was pointing to me to pull over. I assumed that he needed some directions, so I slowed down and started rolling down my window when I noticed it was a police officer. I silently cursed to myself and quickly ended my discussion with David and tossed the phone on the passenger seat.

The cop came over to me and I nonchalantly gave him a "Mah Nishamah" (whats up) and gave him my license. He asked for my registration, and I had no idea what it looked like, so I gave him a stack of papers and told him this was my first time getting pulled over. I attempted to do this in Hebrew, and he tried to speak a little English. At some point I had explained I was "B'lachatz" (stressed) and that's why I didn't think to turn on my Diborit (loudspeaker) , which I have installed. He showed me which paper was my registration, but pointed out that we were a month and half late for getting our car tested.

I tried explaining that we were in the process of getting it done, we went once, but had to get something fixed so it will pass the test. Then he asked me if I knew that you couldn't drive while talking on the phone, I thought he had asked if I knew how much teh ticket was for driving while talking on the phone and said he no. He looked surprised and said really, then I realized my mistake and said, Oh, I know you can't drive and talk on the phone, I thought you asked if I knew how much the ticket was, and that I don't know.

He told me it's a 1,000 NIS fine, then he gave me my license and all the papers, told me to have a good day, and left. Not only did he not give me a ticket, he didn't even give me an official warning. But the message was clear, and I didn't call David back until I was back at home.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Updates from the Sar and Shlomo's

Shoshana wants to be mentioned on the loop. Adina just said that she does too

We are at Sarra and Shlomo's

Sruli just woke up from his nap, it's 6:45 and he's cranky.

Sarra is making Chocolate Milk, but it's sure how to funnel the cocoa powder into the OJ carton, where she poured the milk

Jonah is holding Chaya

Shlomo is getting Batchy from the Bus Station, I wonder if they'll get home before we eat and leave.

The Ziti and veggies are on the table.

When Nat asked what was for dinner, Sarra said Baked Ziti and Salads, but Nat heard Baked Ziti and Salmon. When I told Sarra that there was Salmon for dinner she was confused.

Now it's time to eat

Monday, February 14, 2011

Arye didn't get me in the snow bit I could've gotten him nit I didn't

Thursday, February 10, 2011


i went to home depot to buy folding chairs but instead i bought a grill. they had some from last year on sale for $50 off so the 199 one was only 149. so i brought it to the checkout people and told her it was dirty and dusty and i would like 10% off which she agreed to. i had a helper guy bring it to my car and as he was puushing it to my car the side burner inside piece fell off. so we went back inside couldnt fiugure out how to attach it, there were 2 other ones in the back that each had a problem which is why i picked this one. so ti offered them that i would take a new one in the box form this years model at the same price i had just paid. they agreed !! woohoo!
now i have to dig a path to get the grill in the backyard and then a path from the backdoor to the grill. oh yeah the folding chairs werent any good so i didnt get them

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

snow and cold

just wanted to give you an idea of how deep the snow is!!! most of the pictures were taken in the early morning before the sun came up!! And whats a snowy picture of home without the Schram's house and a piece of the Last house, as well!!!! That way I can take the pictures inside!!

the blue pieces sticking out of the snow is a racecar that Ahron likes to ride!!!

thats my gardner lady submerged in the snow!!

Enjoy the rain!!!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

sledding !!!

we went sledding today with the older 4 and sent yehuda to be with his bubbie and zaydie. we had a great time and we were the onl ones there. ususlly there are the dumb kids who make ramps at the bottom and end up killing someiine or there is the other dumb kid who walks right up the middle and gets smacked by my kid coming down in the sled. but today it was just us!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Nearly ran out of gas

I was meeting Zip in Chasmonaem yesterday after work, I noticed that my gas tank was basically empty, so I stopped at the first gas station that I saw and they told me that they don't accept foreign credit cards. So i drove on, I got on the Ayaalon in Tel Aviv, my tank was down to two bars, I got off the highway twice and drove around and couldn't find a gas station. I got back on the highway, now it was highway 1, at this point my final bar was blinking. I came up to an exit towards Rishon Ltzion, I got off, and drove for a while, and didn't see any gas stations. I had a feeling that I couldn't turn around and get back on the highway without running out of gas, my best bet was to continue. At a red light I asked someone if he knew where the next gas station was and he said he was pretty sure that it was 2 KM ahead of us, I hoped that I would it. Thankfully he was right I made it it to the gas station, I coasted part of teh time, went into neutral at all red lights, but I made it.
The question is, what would I have done had a I run out gas? Has that happened to any of you here? I did it once in Southfield but I was still on Fairfax when it happened, so it wasn't a big deal.