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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Have you ever heard of the gangly age? It's the age when youdon't recognize the length of your body. Well that might be one explanation. Or she is just accident prone. Naomi got to ride in an ammbulance to the hospital, but nothing is broken. So she is off her foot for 3 days than we go to the doctor again. So much fun!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

dear mom ahron is SICK. enjoy the rest of your trip

Monday, January 26, 2009

yaakov @ the ZACKATA

2:00pm EST moom and dad left to the airport with devorah
3:00ish pm devorah is back home
6:30 ish mom and dad landed in Newark (EWR). there have been reports that the parents were seen entering the Continental "elite" lounge.
the above has been confirmed. they hung out hobnobbing with the elite passengers.
10:35 pm mom and dad called to say they were on the plane ready to take off .
(props to jameel @muqata)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Funny Jonah Story

Jonah wanted to play on the computer today, and I decided to try some educational program, a learn how to read website called

Basically, the website gives you the last two letters of a words, and a picture and you have to come up with the first letter, and they give 4 options.

They showed "en" and showed a hen, so Jonah was sounding it out "hhhhhh" and then said "Hey"

It was very funny, I told him he had the rights sound but the wrong language.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Now that I have been properly happy birthday'ed I will announce the baby's name it's
Kayla Rivka

Quite Right!!


We love you, but have been more interested in your daughter lately...


I am sad that my birthday was not celebrated on this loop

Monday, January 19, 2009

the shovel story

dad had his yellow "dewalt" shovel stolen from his front porch on their last trip (florida). in its place was aleft a dinky plastic shovel. there are a group of teens? (who should be in school) who go around all day and shovel to make money. there is nothing wrong with that. however, when dad saw "his guy" with HIS shovel, he stopped and mentioned to him that the shovel actually belonged to him and he should give it back. the shoveller responded that he bought it from a guy on the corner for $10. dad told him he was lying and that if he didnt give him back the shovel that he stole he would lose the 100's of dollars dad would have paid him to shovel his walk every time it snowed. well this got me to thinking of all the bikes that were stolen from me growing up as a kid and martin luther king day and the inauguration tomorrow. and i have come to a decision regarding this type of situation. stealing is bad and people that steal are bad too. now there are naysayers out there who say you cant prove that he stole the shovel . there are lots of yellow shovels out there, and i say to you correct there are lots of shovels out there but when the guy leaves the shovel he was shoveling with on the porch and takes the other shovel that was there then thats proof enough that it was stolen! it may not have been stolen by him but it definitiely wasnt his EVEN if he paid 10 bucks for it. happy inauguration day!

Baby girl zacks


Mazal Tov Nat and Shu!!
Yay a girl, let the true test of nature or nurture begin....again....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

happy bday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID! here's a taste of what you send me into everday

it's a broken arm

Naomi really has a broken arm.

After the initial x-ray, the doctor told us that their was a 90% chance that she did not have a broken arm. She has been in an ace bandage for the past 7 weeks. She insisted that it still hurt, but since we didn't think she had a broken arm, we did not really take her very seriously. The doctors told us it shouldn't take longer than 6 weeks to heal. Even if it was a broken arm, it should have healed by then and there was no other recommended care for it. She has been complaining that she cannot write in school but the teachers did not believe she has a broken arm either.

After the 6 weeks, the pediatrician recommended a bone scan to see if there was a serious problem or if it was all psychological. She went to the hospital and had to drink radioactive goop that made her see throughable. Afterwards, they did the scan and told Golda that she could not have the results for a couple of days. Her friend, the nurse, called the hospital and asked for the results and they told her that Naomi has a broken arm. It is actually the hand that is broken, right on the radial plate or something weird like that. They have an appointment with an orthopedist this week to find out if there is anything we can do about it or if we should just continue treating it as if it was not a broken arm. Putting a cast on now seems kind of senseless, though if it will help mend her broken arm, I suppose that is the best thing to do.
Now you are all in the loop.


Monday, January 12, 2009



Sunday, January 11, 2009

batsheva not only means 7th daughter, it also means daughter of the oath.

its been a really long time since i wrote anything on here, because every time i start i remember that i have mad ADD and i find something else to do. but now, sarra and shlomo are watching soup heat up on a stove and none of my friends are on facebook. ergo, i figured this would be a good time to tell you guys the REAL story of whats going on in my life...if i can remember it.
so...i left school. then i went to live with sarra and shlomo :). (not in a creepy foster daughter way. just wanna put that out there.) then i went out with this guy yaakov. then i wanted to do sherut leumi. then i broke up with yaakov. then i wanted to do college. then i wanted to do sherut leumi. then i realized that i would hate college and the whole idea of it goes against all my theories in life. then the sherut leumi people decided to never call me back. THEN...i went for an interview in a gan for special needs kids, and that was fun. the kids were really cute and the people seemed really nice. they'd want me to do technical stupid things though, like change diapers (which i have been doing way too much recently) and clean dishes and other things like that. so i figured i would check out a couple other places, and if i didnt find anything better i would do that. the sherut leumi people kept not calling me back, and then one of them told me that this week there was a new law passed that they can't accept sherut girls after a certain time and the time is possibly over. anyways, we have to find out more about that.
i have a new life plan in the workings, but ill let you know more about it when i fix up the details. im sure there are a lot more things i could write about, but i cant think of any now.
oh yeah - thanks everyone for the happy birthday calls. im happy to tell ya'll that there is no one in our family who isnt tone deaf. my birthday was fun :) and now i'm 18.
i'm pretty old.
oh and i found out this shabbat that i cant spit. i dont know why. maybe it has something to do with the fact that the top of my middle finger got cut off by a table. i think im dysfunctional. everyone else i know can spit. but then again i guess everyone else i know is still in seminary :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Spitting at the clock

A while back someone, I think it was Yaakov, told me that of you stick your tongue out and blow at the computer the screen will dance and jump around.

I was bored this afternoon and I did it at the clock and it was fun, the numbers were going in all different direction. I told to Nat to do it, but she refused, so instead I called Jonah over and showed him what to do. After that Nat saw how much fun we were having and she tried it and saw how much fun we had, so she stuck out her tongue and gave it a whirl, and agreed that it was so much fun.

Then Batch tried, and we all learned that Batch (some of you know her as Shev or Shevy) doesn't know how to spit, she tried and tried but couldn't bring herself to see the numbers bounce. Finally, she managed to do something in her throat and made it happen.

Good time on Shabbat in Ariel

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

For Shev

some balloons for your special day!

Wow!! I can't believe that you're 18 today. Sorry we can't be there to celebrate with you, but daddy and I will have something special to celebrate the day.

I'd post pictures of you as a little kid, but I don't want to embarass you TOO much!! Just a couple from your Bas Mitzvah!!

Love you bunches.

as per your advice

Dear Judge,
I recently received a violation for impeding traffic. I would like to explain the situation. I was driving South on Ortonville Rd. and I had just passed a building on the East side of the street. I wanted to go to that building which housed the North Oakland County Home Health Group, as I am an optometrist who makes house calls. I thought it would be good for them to know that there was eye care available to residents that have trouble getting out of their houses. I slowed down and upon ensuring that there were no cars coming in either direction I cautiously proceeded to make a U-turn. At that point in the road I did not see any streets off to the side where I could have turned into, and additionally there was no signage anywhere stating not to make any U-turns. When the officer pulled me over I was incredulous as I could not think of anything that I had done that would have caused him to pull me over. He told me that making that U-turn was illegal even though there were no signs. The officer was very kind in that he ticketed me for impeding traffic and not a moving violation; however, I am still upset at having been ticketed in the first place. I am asking that you please rescind the fine that was placed upon me and I will be more careful in the future as to where the proper places to turn are. I thank you in advance for your understanding,

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

illegal u-turn? i dont think so

i was driving South on ortonville rd (thats way past great lakes crossing) coming to the I-75 junction and i see out of my window a building with a sign that reads" north oakland county home health" i thought that would be a great place to speak to people and leave some brochures , so as i approach the junction the light is changing and no carfs are moving i decided to make a u-turn and go to the building. the police officer that was watching me felt i made an illegal u-turn. THERE WERE NO SIGNS OR MARKINGS . i told him why i turned around and that i made sure it was safe and that there were no signs and he told me it was still illegal. he changes the infraction from illegal turn which carries points and a record to just impeding traffic which is just a fine. do i say fine. or do i fight it?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

the detroit zacks bowling league

the D-Zacks bowling league bowled a combined 449 in its first game since taking the summer off. the kids league did almost equally well with a combined 200 in the bumper league. the winner was a man who brougth his own shoes and ball with him to the alley . he was listed as zayde and then cme me and then mom and then devo. everyone broke 100 points which is the first time in league histoy that feat has been attained. we look forward to many more games this league season and we'll be sure to keep you posted.oh yeah then we went to the senior zacks home for a scrumptious dinner of hot diggity dogs and ROMANIAN corned beef and soup. yumm